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DarK-SilV  +   1732d ago
are there a lot of wires involved? also good to see you doing Tech
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Cat  +   1732d ago
On PS3 you'll have the digital optical cable and the transmitter power, on 360 add to that the talkback cable.

(there is also the usb programming cable)
INehalemEXI  +   1730d ago
looks expensive, bute nice.
herobyclicking  +   1732d ago
Turtle Beach does a great job. I bought their entry level headset (X2?) years ago and it still produces a decent sound. These look solid, if not exspensive. Yowsa. Thanks Cat!
Cat  +   1732d ago
Yeah, I'll admit it, I spent the first 30 minutes doing the demo and the last 30 trying to convince Alex that they should let me keep a pair. ;)
Nineball2112  +   1732d ago
Should I report that this belongs on Tech Spy? LOL!

Looks like a nice set of headphones... And the price seems reasonable for what you get.

Nice review Cat.
Cat  +   1732d ago
Don't worry, it's there, too - HA! :D
-X-  +   1732d ago | Interesting
One thing that I kinda don't like about the Turtle Beaches (PX21) I have is that they feel soooooo light. I feel like im gonna break them every time I take them of my head. Other than that they are great. Nothing to really complain about except maybe the appearance.

How light is the PX5?
Cat  +   1732d ago
They weigh half a lb, a couple ounces more than the PX21.
r1sh12  +   1731d ago
Personally I prefer wired headsets, I had the X41's and they would always drop because of interference with other frequencies.
Ive had the X1's, X31's, X41's and for almost over a year now Ive had Astro A40's.
Once you go to 5.1 surround you cant go back, and Im loving my astros.
Do you get any interference with this headset?
Sitris  +   1730d ago
Sounds great, when did they announce the release date of march 7th? I must have missed that info! No big sites have reported it yet!
Sitris  +   1730d ago
Ignore what I said, found some info on there facebook, awesome news!
Cat  +   1730d ago
@Sitris - *This* is the big site reporting it ;)

@R1sh12 - no interference.
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