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UnSelf  +   1774d ago
i kno im in the minority here but i dont like when a FPS (or any game for that matter) has a serious overtone but has unrealistic attributes.

Take the weapon wheel in R:FOM. obviously, the devs want us to take the story seriously, yet we can carry 10 huge weapons. i think u kind of shoot urself in the foot that way. be silly or be serious, dont straddle the line.
Lyr1c  +   1774d ago
I personally never noticed that, but now that I'm aware of it...I'm sure it will be bothering me as much as it's bothered you. -____-
GodofSackboy  +   1774d ago
Oh well, Insomniac do that in all their games, it's damn fun being able to carry all the weapons you want, brings me back to the old Ratchet and Clank days *sob*

Talking of that, do a HD Ratchet and Clank collection. I would pay any amount of money for that.
Neckbear  +   1774d ago
But eh, you're forgetting something VERY important, my friend. The answer to what may seem odd for you.

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UnSelf  +   1774d ago
hmmmmm what exactly do u mean by that? just cuz of the medium of the storytelling, does that mean im not supposed to take it as serious?

not 1 movie is real, yet we cry, laugh, get angry and debate over the things that are portrayed in films, can the same not be said for games?
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1774d ago
The weapon wheel in resistance is perfect. Go play R2 right now, and you'll see that only being able to carry two weapons at once severely hurt the gameplay.
DelbertGrady  +   1773d ago
It worked quite well in Halo: Reach, although that's in a different league.
Pandamobile  +   1774d ago
There are so damn many FPS's coming (as an FPS fan, that's hardly a complaint) this year.

I'm really liking that a lot of the FPS games this year actually have some originality to them.

The last truly original FPS's we've had were probably Portal and Mirror's Edge. But now we've got games like Bulletstorm and Brink which both look really awesome in their own ways.

2011 will be an awesome year.
That and there's a ton of awesome blockbuster games which I've been looking forward to for 3-6 years now that are finally coming into fruition like Portal 2, Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3.
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Sarcasm  +   1773d ago
As much as I'd like originality in FPS games like other people, there's no denying that a solid military based shooter (soon BF3) is what I want.

It only gets repetitive and boring when you look at something like Homefront and automatically think "COD."

Developers need to understand that simple changes of skin and gimmicks aren't going to win any awards. (MOH)
The-Tentacle  +   1774d ago
Killzone 3 is the shooter to own in 2011.
hennessey86  +   1774d ago
not if
halo 4 comes out
El_Colombiano  +   1774d ago
hennessey86  +   1773d ago
it was a joke lolz halo wont be out till 2012 atleast
Kon  +   1772d ago
No, but Crysis 2 will
PhoenixDevil  +   1774d ago
Cant wait for the demo of bulletstorm on the 25th going to be really interesting to see how good it is, the dev trailers are just so funny

Its really gotten me interested as it has such a great care free feel, because sometimes after a long day you do just want to go home n really let it out on some mutants with some big ass guns. If they make that feel rewarding without it being over easy then its going to be such a good game
lex-1020  +   1773d ago
My biggest problem with bulletstorm, and i'm sure this is just the person playing is that, in all of the videos i see a repetition of one thing. The guy pulls an enemy, kicks hi, than shoots him. The player seems to repeat this action obsessively. Again I know it's just the person playing but it gives off the impression that the game is going to be exceptionally repetitive.
PhoenixDevil  +   1773d ago
yh agreed on what your saying, I think thats the idea behind the 'skillshot' system, in order to get more points (for leaderboards or wepon unlocks upgrades or rankings however there going to impliment it) will require you to do different things

while pulling someone in with the whip kicking them into there floaty state n then shooting them may be very effective (and a little on the easy side) it may get you only 100 points, where as shooting a guy in the leg then pulling out the shotgun sliding towards him to blast him up in the air n then grab them with the whip to crash them back down could be awarded 500 points, they may also have a feature where if you do the same move a few times in a row you only get half the points

Bulletstorm is made around this system and with the right implimentations it wont be repetitive, im just hoping its not too easy
Captain Tuttle  +   1774d ago
I love me some FPS's
Statix  +   1774d ago
This blog is complete fail for not having any mention whatsoever of Deus Ex 3.
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LunaticBrandon  +   1774d ago
I am. I just need to figure out what to buy. Brink, Rage, Crysis 2, Portal 2, Battlefield 3, Deus Ex 3, Duke Nukem Forever, Bulletstorm. Then there is Dead Space 2 Postal 3 and Mass Effect 3 that aren't FPS but still shooters. I'll probably just get Brink, Rage, Portal, Battlefield, Duke Nukem and Deus Ex. The rest will be bought during sales.
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s45gr32  +   1773d ago
well, personally I really want a new genre. But, to bring this chunky fps games yeah labirynth levels, secret areas, mutants to kill, etc. to me is great nostalgia but a new genre is the best way to go
soundslike  +   1773d ago
I love FPS but i think the renaissance is coming to a close with 2011. Yea there will always be amazing FPS games, but the innovations coming with games like Brink, will likely set a standard unmatched for years, much like COD4 unmatched by even its own expansion packs (yea I went there. wut WUT.) since 2007.

Games are branching out again, DCUO, LBP2, Kinect, Move, Twisted Metal,Minecraft. what do these things have in common? The interest to get away from the standard FPS mindset and control scheme.
shadow2797  +   1772d ago
Portal is probably my favorite FPS of all time (though not technically a "shooter"), and I'm pumped for Portal 2.

That said, I absolutely hate (HATE!) gimicky FPS games. Ex. I hated the fire, etc. superpowers in Bioshock. And everything I've seen of Bulletstorm rubs me the wrong way.

I'd rather have awesome, innovative weapons (Resistance), or interesting levels (KZ2's train or Nuke Beach), or new, awesome modes (Halo always has a ton), or interesting, challenging enemies (Dead Space). My point is: there are other ways to innovate. Personally, I don't think there's going to be huge sweeping changes to the genre, but I do think there will be small changes that will be adopted over time. For instance, the sprint button. Not a huge change, but it's now a mainstay of FPS games.
Enigma_2099  +   1765d ago
I can sum up my problem with FPS games with one question...

... why do we have so d*** many at one time?

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