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Ru  +   1861d ago | Well said
Congratulations Everyone!
Have fun with your prizes and keep an eye out for more contest's in the future!
We'd love to help continue to feed your gaming addiction :)
Rock on and Happy Halloween!
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UNCyrus  +   1861d ago | Well said
I'd like to thank the academy, first and foremost! Without them, I don't know where I'd be right now. My friends, my family. All the commenters on N4G, yes... Even the trolls! Am I forgetting anyone?
-Alpha  +   1860d ago
Congrats, buddy, I'm going to enter one of these contests one of these days and win. Backed out of this one because I lacked the talent, I love your Sackboy carving.
TheOnlyMastrx  +   1861d ago | Well said
Congrats to UNCyrus on first place and thanks for selecting me for second and congrats to the other winners as well (:
TheOnlyMastrx  +   1860d ago
Changed Username
You already contacted me about winning but I changed my username so its the same as my usernames on PSN and Xbox Live and most every site I am on, just figured I would let you know so there is no confusion as I will also be changing my photo.

Old Username: Mastrx204
TheOnlyMastrx  +   1856d ago
LEGO Rockband!
Just got my game, shirt, and other things in the mail (:
Thanks again!
lars2thev  +   1861d ago | Well said
Yaj, thanks. Congrats to the other winners :)
RockmanII7  +   1859d ago
Still, I think my other pic should have been #1. The sheer amount of time I put in that would impress even that Simon guy from American Idol.

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CeilingManx  +   1858d ago
You must have been not sleeping for days to come up with that masterpiece, mine pales in comparison :P
RockmanII7  +   1857d ago
seriously though, I like what you did with the blade and how its in the pumpkin and not behind it or something.
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CeilingManx  +   1856d ago
thanks for the compliment! I drew the pumpkin and then had to redraw it around the blade, which wasn't that bad
toxic27  +   1859d ago
I don't mean to be a party killer but when I looked through the winners' entries to the contest, I immediately recognized iceman2929's submission ( ) from a picture I have seen earlier. Via a reverse image search using, I've come up with lots of results that are similar, if not exactly, the image that he submitted. Check out the results here:

One of the results is from in which the site posted the image back in November of 2009 ( )(you have to scroll down a bit).

I hate assuming these things but I do believe that iceman2929 stole the image and claimed it was his for the contest. Please, please, please correct me if I am wrong.
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lars2thev  +   1859d ago
If it isn't really his picture, I would like to claim an awesome t-shirt :)
Cat  +   1859d ago
Unfortunately, yes, it looks like we have a DQ situation. We tried to do a "background check" and apparently yours was better. You're hired? :)
iceman2929  +   1858d ago
this was from a couple years ago. Obviously I have no way to re-create the scenario as I am now back in Canada. Next time I won't recycle old material. ( As I state in my message to Cat, I have yet to make this years set of pumpkins. Midterms are brutal right now...)

p.s. my I had no idea this was even on the internet like it was. My cousin must have submitted it instead. That little bastard hahahaha.
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