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Valenka  +   681d ago
"I found that the graphics during cinematics were quite poor, but the graphics during gameplay were much better and were outstanding."

That's funny, considering that the graphics within the cutscenes and gameplay were the same. There were only a couple of pre-rendered scenes; the rest were compiled using gameplay visuals.
GusHasGas  +   681d ago
You can say whatever the hell you want, but I'm not blind. I could notice a difference from when the characters spoke their dialogue to when you were actually playing. Also, where did you get this "the graphics within the gameplay and cutscenes were the same" bullcrap? (Source, please.) but even if there is a source, there's no telling if that source was lying or telling the truth.
Valenka  +   681d ago
Um, anyone with eyes can see that the visuals were the same; the only difference is that the cutscenes were pre-recorded, so the mouth movements were of course more on-point that during actual gameplay.

As for the source for that, aside from the blatantly obvious personal experience, you could simply Google it and get the Square Enix Q&A press release. Otherwise, if you aren't feeling proactive, I'll track it down for you and send it via PM.

Just because characters' mouth movements were better in cutscenes than during actual gameplay does not mean the graphics were different. I can name several games in which mouth movements were more prevalent in cutscenes than during gameplay; the visuals remained the same.
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GusHasGas  +   681d ago

Alright, you're right. I'm wrong. I have some sort of eye damage and I should get them checked out.

Valenka  +   680d ago
It has nothing to do with any admittance that I'm correct, it's the fact that your review contains misinformation. In addition to the issue with the graphics, Victoria is NOT Diana's daughter, and if you'd even played the game, you would know that. With the instances of simply wrong information, mixed with the lack of description or detail in your review, I'm going to have to assume that you did not play the game and pieced this review together from information you've read about the game, your own assumptions and videos you may have watched.

Have a look at other user reviews for this game and notice the detail and break-down of what the game offers. Since this was allegedly the first Hitman game you've played, you should have a lot more to say about it.
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