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memots  +   1113d ago
Nice review man. I think I might give it a go ( ps+ member )
phantomexe  +   1113d ago
I had never played it until recently when it showed up on plus. Truth is THQ games were never on my radar this gen. I don't own 1 thq game which is sad i know but there games never really appealed to me. My point is i wish they had given us darksiders early because hell i love it. I plan to pick up 2 very soon. Sad tho the overall story won't be told.
Norrison  +   1109d ago
You should try metro 2033, saints rows, Darksiders 1 and 2, Company of heroes (If you have a decent PC).
They're good games, Metro and company of heroes are my favorite games from them.

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