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coolbeans  +   1114d ago
Hope everyone enjoyed the review!

Since my current residence doesn't currently have internet please be patient for my replies, or possible small corrections that are noted. Thank you.
Blastoise  +   1114d ago
There's only one thing that's annoying me in Black ops 2. The skill based matchmaking. I can't have fun with the game anymore, because my score is fairly high and I'm an above average player & because of this I'm put up against other good player's and it's just a generally tough experience.

No running around with a sniper, no trying the obscure weapons. It's either play 100% competitively all of the time or don't play at all.

My Black ops KD was around 2.3, my Black ops 2 one is about 1.5. It's fine for noobs, its probably quite a fun experience for them. But for people like me who have been playing CoD for a while it's a little irritating being put up against good players every single match.

The skill based matchmaking is fine for League play, when I want to play competitively. But sometimes I want to just chill out and have fun, without purposely having to play bad to lower my score, to then play with easier players.
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caseh  +   1114d ago
'But for people like me who have been playing CoD for a while it's a little irritating being put up against good players every single match.'

Is that not the point though? Most games get stick for matching seasoned vets against noobs, the result is a complete pounding which will just put new players off playing. If the noobs don't quit and stick with it, they eventually become the good players you don't want to play against.
Blastoise  +   1114d ago
CoD already helps the noobs out enough. Dead mans hand, sites that show your target when aiming ect

There's are specific modes which noobs can play to train up, there is combat mode and bootcamp. Which provide other low levels to play against and bots to practice on. Until you feel ready to join a main lobby.

In catering to the noobs they've screwed over thousands of other people.

Plus this is a reason where there are so many connection issues, because Black ops 2 now puts you against people with similar score per minute, instead of people with a stable connection. It's just a flawed system, and it should be League Play only.
caseh  +   1114d ago
CoD has always had connection issues in every game they've done, its P2P so if i'm from the UK and I hear someone with an American accent ingame I already know the connection between us is > 150ms and thats an ambitious number to begin with. It uses bars instead of ms response times like PC games. If you could see the actual latency you would no doubt eject the disk and quit playing.

Unbalanced weapons and ridiculous killstreaks, quickscoping, stupid perks like dead mans hand and martyrdom just to scratch the surface. The game rewards you for not dying and gives you the ability to kill even more people with streaks as a result.

I'm enjoying BO2 to some extent, but i'll never consider it for anything other than fun with friends. Its in the games nature to p*ss people off to the extent of raging like no other game i've ever played and that is attributed to everything i've mentioned above.
jimbobwahey  +   1113d ago
Ahahaha. You're whining because now you get matched up with people of the same skill level and you can't handle it, so you want to go back to playing against noobs who aren't as experienced at the game? How embarrassing.

"Waaah the game's only fun when I have an unfair advantage over my opponents!"
Blastoise  +   1113d ago
No, I can handle it. Like I said my KD is 1.5, which isn't bad. But like I said you have to play competitively all of the time. Which means using the best guns, increasing sensitivity, drop shotting ect.

All of this is just to have a game where I don't get completely owned. Doesn't help by the fact that Black ops 2 deems me good enough to be against Prestige master's with pimped up weapon's and ghost. I'm not even Rank 40 yet

Great job on ignoring the whole paragraph I wrote about noobs having many ways to train up until they feel ready to go into a main public game. And also ignoring my point about how it forces the game to have less than stable connections, resulting in laggy matches and many "Wtf" moments where you get shot round a corner

People are dropping out of matches all the time because of the dodgey connections, all of this is because of skill based matchmaking

Also, what's the unfair advantage?

Grow up
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coolbeans  +   1113d ago
Interesting point
Although that's great info to bring up, I can't say I've experienced connectivity problems often or an always-competitive atmosphere since I'm of a much lower caste of CoD players then yourself. I suppose most with stable connections are around my K/D ratio (basically 1.0)...or just lucky :P.
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Bladesfist  +   1113d ago
What caseh said is true, I am not sure why people are disagreeing. The whole reason for showing bars instead of pings is to hide the numbers from the players. You see your clientside representation of other players however the client may not actually be there. Lag compensation. The reason you get shot when you are behind a wall (on your side). Without dedictaed servers pings are a lot worse, there is a lot of information about this if you do not believe me. It is in no way unplayable but I prefer playing on local dedicated servers to get rid of most connection issues.
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