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DragonKnight  +   957d ago
If they didn't change this game from way back when it was on the SNES, I really can't imagine how anyone could give it a 9 out of 10. Mystic Quest is Final Fantasy Lite. You've heard of how FFIV released with an easier difficulty in North America than in Japan? The ease of this game puts that to shame.

But given that this gen is catering to the casuals, I suppose this game is right up there alley. Not saying you're a casual, I just remember this game.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   956d ago
I played this game when I was a kid. One thing I do remember, which the article mentions, is the music. There's one part where there's a rock band playing a show and I remember really digging that song :).
jaundice  +   954d ago
Yeah, I tried to make sure to mention the fact that this game really is Final Fantasy: Diet, but still has some redeeming qualities. It's definitely good for those with time constraints - you can knock it out in a relatively short amount of time. I also tried to evaluate each aspect of the game individually, as well as a whole, so that I could come to as objective as a conclusion as possible, though I must admit, I do have some fond memories of this game, even though I'm more hardcore into jRPG's - Final Fantasy, Persona, etc.
flocker  +   954d ago
Overall 9 when everything else is below 9? Makes no sense.

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