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Valenka  +   1052d ago
Well written review, as always. I'm glad to know I'm not missing out on much, despite my insatiable urge to play as a female assassin for once.
Cam977  +   1051d ago
Why put ending spoilers in a review? FYI: reviews are read before the buyer generally purchases the game. In addition, you rarely use commas and "waffle" too much. That is just a little bit of friendly advice for next time, keep up your efforts in writing these reviews.
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iamnsuperman  +   1051d ago
Thanks for the feedback and I will take that on board.

But what endings spoilers. I have hardly given away the ending just as it possibly hints at the future Assassin. That is hardly given anything away. The edited stuff is explained throughout the game by the hacker
Sheikah  +   1051d ago
I didn't get a spoiler vibe either. I have the game, and I am progressing through it - but I am sorely missing any of the elements that attracted me to the ac series in the first place.

I am glad, however, to know that a hackwe will come along and you will be tied into the conspiracy plot at some point, cause.. simply reliving Aveline's story isn't that much fun.

On a saide note, hands held high for more femme assassins though. She is badass.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1050d ago
I really want to get this i just dont want to pay that much for it.

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