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deathsarm  +   1140d ago
i have to say i really enjoy unit 13 good review
aftrdark21  +   1140d ago
Good review. When I got my Vita the Unit 13 demo is what convinced me to get the game. Luckily I got it for under 20 bucks and it's fun to play.
zgoldenlionz  +   1139d ago
I just picked this up on sale on PSN for la little under 13 bucks and I'm really enjoying it. If you have a vita and like 3 rd person shooters give this game a try.
TheDivine  +   1139d ago
It's a good game. I regret buying it day 1 though same with resistance. It had great mechanics, great graphics, and solid controls. Co-op worked great and the mic on the vita worked well except I got booted after every stage and we had to both have levels unlocked. In all I was disappointed because it needed more levels, a campaign story to tie it together, and a mp mode. Could've had longevity. I would've liked more stealth also. The cameras and traps reminded me of goldeneye which is a good thing. Solid, fun, but not more than 10-15.

Very sad zipper got shafted. I really would've liked an expanded sequel with a campaign and mp and we def need another portable Socom.

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