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Games4M - Rob  +   1138d ago
It would be a much better read without the seven paragraphs worth of elder scrolls recap.
Valenka  +   1129d ago
That's wonderful, but I really don't care about your opinion.
Games4M - Rob  +   1129d ago
Yeah, you clearly care so little you have replied to a nine day old comment on a dead article - now i dont want to upset you but im not entirely convinced.

Some advice, either get a thicker skin or learn some decent retorts because your current efforts are tragic.
Nes_Daze  +   1137d ago
I agree about the run and fetch quests, although when those items are in dungeons, it helps you visit places you wouldn't even go into. Like those Dwemer dungeons, gives me the creeps...
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cogan  +   1117d ago
Skyrim, Skyrim... What can i say? It's the best game i've ever played. I love its extended world and storyline. I played it on PC and now i bought it for Xbox :D (I'm such a nerd, right? :D) I payed about €20 for game key at . But honestly - i think it's worth even more than that!

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