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Derekvinyard13  +   1073d ago
Dam i didn't know jesper didn't do the soundtrack for this one! he was great blood money had an amazing soundtrack. shit that sucks
Eiffel  +   1072d ago
The scoring system is not well integrated into the single-player. It's obnoxiously annoying by taking up 1/3rd of the whole screen, convoluted and deters from players playing by their own style, forcing players who want a 100% to play by the developer's way, which for an open free choice game is beyond stupid. I've been penalized for being a pacifist by not killing a non-target enemy, choosing to subdue him. That makes absolutely no sense.

This game is far from a 10, I'd go as far as to label it the weakest Hitman since Contracts. An actual detailed story this time around doesn't do the gameplay justice. A definite step back for the franchise.
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Ducky  +   1072d ago
You get penalized for taking down any non-target NPC. You just get a smaller penalty for subduing them, and that penalty goes away if you hide the body.
Anthonyii  +   1072d ago
You can get your pacification score back if you hide the body in a container. I did not see the score system that annoying.
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Anthonyii  +   1072d ago
You still have a good point! I guess I am one of the players that did not see it annoying. Is there an option to turn off the score system though?
Eiffel  +   1072d ago
I went through the options and did not see it, the only way to not get it is to play the game on purist difficulty, which for anyone who can't stand the score system is gonna be kinda screwed if they dive into the levels without learning them the first time. It'll be one big trial and error continuously.
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2pacalypsenow  +   1071d ago
Hate the Point system
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bunfighterii  +   1067d ago
What kills this game for me is the game breaking console save corruption glitch. It's stopped my progress 4 times now, and killed my vibe with it. Worst is IO haven't fixed it yet.

Damn shame because I was loving the gameplay, agree with your review otherwise.
Anthonyii  +   1067d ago
That sucks! Maybe your game is defective-because I did not get the corruption glitch at all(though I did hear about it). Did you try returning the game to get a non-defective copy?
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bunfighterii  +   1066d ago
It's not something that'll be solved by getting a different disc, it's a software error- head over to the Hitman forums at the official site, many threads dedicated to this issue.

It seems to only affect consoles. I'm on PS3. It usually happens when you restart from a checkpoint, the game crashes to a black screen forcing you to restart your system. On turning it back on you'll find the game no longer recognises your save.

The first time it happened to me, I wasn't far into the game, but the second third and fourth times, I have some seriously progress, only to have it wiped. There was as patch that claimed to fix it but it didn't, and some people even claim it's made it worse.

Real shame, because I love Hitman and love playing this game when I get to.

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