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Foxton01  +   1155d ago
Great review, and i feel the same way after playing it for 10 hours or so!

Also that bow is freaking epic. i find myself trying to line up 100m shots with it just for fun, instead of pulling out the big ass sniper.

One thing i'd like though, is to have some use of animal skins after i craft the mandatory items. I might be missing something, but i feel there should be options to combine some leathers into something sellable or into something you could apply to a weapon.
landog  +   1154d ago
thanks man, totally agree about the animals, would be cool if you could use them for small, incremental upgrades to things like potency of medicine, augment ammo with poison, put shark teeth barbs on arrows for added effect, anything...

cause hunting those animals is darn fun, but after you have everything it feels kinda mean to just stab a pig for no

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