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Kingdom Come  +   1086d ago
Far Cry 3 is an astoundingly good game, that, you are correct regarding. However, I don't believe so soon after the games release, you can have extensively played the online components the title offers as well as the lengthy single-player campaign. Yes, I know the central attraction to the title is the story mode, however, the Co-Op and Competitive multiplayer make up two of the four modes on offer, and I don't believe two miniature paragraphs are sufficient analysis' of such modes, especially considering the buggy state of both.

Compared to some of the other reviews you've written in the past, this seem's quite rushed, and, whilst it may be considered harsh of me to give such a criticism, it is only meant in a constructive fashion.

The game is undeniably a must buy, however, having played quite a solid number of hours playing the online aspects of the game, I can say that they are most certainly not well executed, hosting a catalogue of poor design choices and bugs. Whilst it is enjoyable at times and when played in coordination with a reliable team, when searching for matches in a party of one, the modes' flaws become hugely apparent:
- No Spawn Shields
- Terrible Matchmaking
- Numerous bugs (Phasing through the map etc)
- Poor hit-detection
- No Party Lobby
- Dumb AI in Co-Op
- Many, many more.

Also, unless I careless missed it, there was no mention as to the brilliant map editor.
Norrison  +   1086d ago
Far cry 3 is all about the SP not the MP.
sitharrefus  +   1082d ago
I agree with you, so far i love the SP there is so much to do that i dont know where to begin, i love the crafting system and side quests to explore every corner in the island. So far this game has not dissapointed me at all once im done with the SP im sure the MP will be as fun.
Valenka  +   1086d ago
With all due respect, I wouldn't be so ignorant as to write a review for a game I'd barely scratched the surface of. You're correct: I hadn't extensively played the story nor the online components at the time of the review. I was about three to four hours in, mainly revolving around exploration, with a little over an hour into the online portions. If you'd kindly look at the review again, it highlights that.

I wrote this user-based review to be an indicator for anyone who might've been on the fence about it. If I were to write a more in-depth review, it'll be once I've finished the game, and I can guarantee (as I'm sure you know with your experience with the game) that the review will most certainly be at minimum, three times in length as this review is.

I understand your point and I do appreciate the criticism, however I must respectfully point out that your concerns are misguided. I've never split reviews before, so hopefully N4G will allow a second for the same game, as I plan to write a complete review for the game once I've finished it entirely.

In regard to the online components, I haven't played enough of it to experience some of the issues you have, aside from the matchmaking--which didn't bother me too much--and a few map bugs here and there.

Like I said, you may expect a fresh, in-depth review soon. If N4G does not allow a second, I will gladly rewrite this one.

Mutant-Spud  +   1086d ago
Yeah the MP isn't great in it's present form, I can only get into domination matches at the moment and only sometimes at that, the game freezes on loading screens all the time and in general it seems to be worse today than it was on release, As mentioned the hit detection is bad and WTF is with the decoding tool for perks, you get random crap all the time for guns you can't use yet and the player who has randomly unlocked those hunter/adventurer.Assassin etc mods has an immediate edge over others.
I'm at level 40, and I have none of the stat mods unlocked yet and only a few of the gun parts, theoretically I could max out the level cap and still not unlock them because the decoding might not turn up anything good.

But as the other poster said the map editor is really quite good, I've played with it for a few hours and it's got loads of potential.
Jurat  +   1085d ago
This is the most fun I've had with an FPS this year; Vaas is a truly terrifying antagonist.

But I completely abandoned the campaign after about 4 hours and now spend my time stalking through the jungle with my recurve bow, hopped up on hallucinogenic compounds crafted from the local flora that allow me to see prey using pheromones. Wild boar, komodo dragons, Aisian tapir, Sumatran tigers. Every animal allows an opportunity to improve your loadout capacity.

Sometimes I steal a boat and sail along the coast, hunting bull sharks and great whites and saltwater crocodiles.

True sandbox immersion. And I still have the campaign to look forward to.
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BattleAxe  +   1083d ago
I've only logged a few hours into Far Cry 3, and while it is certainly an amazing game in many ways, I'm not a big fan of the RPG elements, it wasn't what I was expecting. I don't want to craft a large loot sack, or craft a holster to carry more weapons, or make weird medicinal or performance enhancing drugs.

One thing I have noticed is that the most money I can have at the moment is $ I have to kill a goat to make a bigger wallet?? I was looking forward to an open world shooter similar to the last game, I'm not too thrilled about having to pick flowers and kill animals to make items.
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Erudito87  +   1082d ago
the game looks great but the stuff you do in the game feels very generic you go to a radio tower(ALL THE EXACT STEPS TO GET TO THE TOP ARE IDENTICAL) the only fun thing so far is taking over the camps
Valenka  +   1082d ago
That's not true, actually. Each radio tower's structure is quite different and progressively harder to figure out how to ascend. Some take longer than others, some are a bit higher up, and they're all different.
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Erudito87  +   1082d ago
i guess i shouldn't trust youtube review :p

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