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Heavenly King  +   1003d ago
For me the game is awesome. I admit that the gameplay needs more refinement regarding the camera and the cover system, but the graphics, the story, the soundtrack and the online co-op are fantastic!
ape007  +   1003d ago
I agree, very fun and nice game, it has a long list of negatives and positives but overall it's damn fun game, if capcom can focus, they can DO IT with RESI 7 on Next Gen platforms
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dragonrage00  +   1002d ago
As much as I disliked many of the directions CAPCOM took with the franchise, I just cant support this review. Half hour of play doesnt give you nearly enough credit to write a "review". Who approved this?
Games4M - Rob  +   1000d ago
There are no laws as to the amount of game time required to review a game. If he wants to review the first five minutes, the FMV intro, or the box art then that's his prerogative.
SeraphimBlade  +   1001d ago
Not "memorable?" For me, RE6 was nothing BUT memorable, oftentimes in the way a trainwreck is memorable, sure, but that's why I ended up enjoying it.

Actually, the "trainwreck" analogy isn't entirely fair. I REALLY feel like Chris's campaign is the only completely bad part of the game. I had honest-to-God fun with everyone else's. It's all extremely silly and not the least bit scary, but worth a rental just to see how absurd it all is.

Granted, this IS coming from a guy who hopped on board with RE4, and honestly kinda liked RE5.
thecrudegamer  +   1001d ago
Well, anybody that likes RE5 can't really have an opinion in my eyes :p. Only kidding.

I can see what you mean, it is memorable in one sense for it's outrageous downfalls, but be honest, how long do we remember games like this for?
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