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coolbeans  +   1097d ago
Hope everyone enjoyed the review!'s been a long time coming, but this bean has now reached the "old review age of youth." I'm 40! :'( Although the official tally says 41 when you check my profile (once both reviews are approved), I resubmitted a Call of Duty review some time ago under the right title. Here's to 40 more. :)

As for RAGE, I'm quite surprised to see my score for it be much more lenient. I suppose another way to describe the situation would be thinking of this game as being a collage of different elements. The problematic components WITHIN the game do harm the score, but are mitigated because they didn't necessarily MAKE the game. If that makes any sense... :P
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HammadTheBeast  +   1094d ago
Congrats. Personally I disagree somewhat, I felt that the game was good, but didn't live up to what it could've been. Around 7.5 from me.
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   1097d ago
Great review
You write very well cheers coolbeans... If you are looking for a job in this industry you need to set up a site or blog... at the least on just review...

CoolBeans game reviews... something man

coolbeans  +   1096d ago
Thanks, but I'm not looking for a job at this time. I'm having too much fun in the construction business! :D
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thebudgetgamer  +   1094d ago
If there was a coolbeans review site I would be the first member, and my name would be Marv Gresto.
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coolbeans  +   1090d ago
To have the director of Tony Danzas With Wolves as the first member to my hypothetical review site would be a tremendous honor. :P
Ducky  +   1097d ago
I haven't been able to get over the ending. I loved the visuals, animations, shooting mechanics, audio... but the ending just left an awful final impression.
coolbeans  +   1095d ago
After seeing that Wreck-It Ralph commercial, I can imagine Desmond (AC), Shepard, etc. getting into some sort of grief counseling for their shoddy endings. :P
Picnic  +   1096d ago
Coolbeans, as you oh so literally, innocently, robotically, mentioned about one of my post titles having a double negative, I'll mention that your post title features needless capitalisation on the second, fourth and fifth words. If you call that creative licence then I call mine the same. That's how headlines work - they're there to try to draw attention and insinuate the intention of the post or article, not to necessarily be as you would correctly compose the sentence in a paragraph.

That said, it's a good review.

If you can play Rage on an LEDTV of 800hz or more it is really beautiful. The game basically puts you in maze after maze which are like condensed versions of bits of your favourite games of old - a bit of Half Life 2 , a smattering of Silent Hill here and there, a bit of James Bond: Everything or nothing (where you control a radio controlled car to lay bombs). One of them circus themed mini-games reminded me a bit of Max Payne 2's funhouse.
There are always nods to other games even if that is all they are.

These mazes are separated by a large but mostly desolate wasteland which links the 2 main hub worlds, respectively reminiscent of a steampunk Wild West town and something like Bladerunner. There's a garage too.

There is probably nothing like Rage this generation. It's not over the top like Borderlands or Bulletstorm. It's an atmospherically muted, hardcore, affair where the ferociousness of the enemies will make you hate them with a passion for just not leaving you alone. It's worth getting just to see the engine if you excuse some pop up. But it's not all a barrel of laughs, far from it. It'll remind you of punishing games of old where you're all alone in a hostile environment with no kill streaks for company. Also the attention to detail of the hub worlds will make you realise that they are the real star of the game aesthetically speaking rather than the levels. This can be an issue - the levels are not friendly places and you're not always in a rush to go there when you can go racing instead. So Rage will leave a bitter taste in your mouth but it'll do it with some beauty that I haven't seen quite been reminded of since the likes of Metroid Prime. It's worth getting for £10 so that you've got an arty FPS in your collection.
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JellyJelly  +   1096d ago
LED TV? Try a 2000hz Panasonic plasma. Looks out of this world :)

Loved RAGE btw and thought it didn't get quite the recognition it deserved.
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coolbeans  +   1096d ago
Although I find it childish to begin your comment as a way of getting back at me, I appreciate your corrections nonetheless.
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Picnic  +   1094d ago
Coolbeans is cool!
Jurat  +   1096d ago
Coolbeans knows his onions.

Congrats on hitting 40. You should grow a pony tail and buy a sports car.

I just bumped Rage further up my LoveFilm list.

Thanks for sharing. (",)
Dark5tar1  +   1095d ago
Congrats on 40.

I was very disappointed in RAGE but it was still a good game. I thought that id would make another hit but they really screwed up the single player with a lack of story and 2d characters. I prefered the game more for exploration and multiplayer. The multiplayer for RAGE was a breath of fresh air with the car combat and the coop was VERY fun with a friend.
phantomexe  +   1095d ago
i liked the game myself but it felt incompete. i do hope we see another tho and the ending left it open. Will get the dlc if it comes out.

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