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Qrphe  +   1181d ago
Best multiplayer game this year so far (and apparently for the rest).

I really wish the Multiplayer Edition had a trial like KZ3 Multiplayer does so people can actually get to try it.
Norrison  +   1181d ago
Planetside 2 and Guild wars 2.
Norrison  +   1178d ago
Gotta love people that just disagree without even giving a reason, face it, starhawk doesn't come close to the polish of those games.
I played it myself
Totoro17  +   1180d ago
radrider82 add me so we can play, guys. I love this game!
TooTall19  +   1180d ago
The online mp is awesome, but I must make one correction. This game doesn't have dedicated servers. You will see some crazy lag when the host has a bad upload speed.
HammadTheBeast  +   1180d ago
Thanks for that, I mixed it up with the custom matches.
The_KELRaTH  +   1180d ago
I really enjoyed the SP game via PSN+ but at the time there was a lot of complaints about spawning and unbalanced mp, is this still the case or has it been patched up to offer a batter mp game experience?
bunfighterii  +   1179d ago
I might have to go back to this game now- I bought it at launch and couldn't get into a populated game, and just stopped trying. Haven't played it since the first week it came out- but glad to hear its getting players now.

Friday night, its Starhawk night!
mayberry  +   1179d ago
Just started playing again! Great game!

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