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sdozzo  +   836d ago
Do you think they will patch update how you can respawn right in front of someone shooting you? Or do some DLC for bigger maps?

Overall, I really liked the game too. Glad to see a positive review.
StraightPath  +   832d ago
This is parody review his kidding you guys. If someone was really serious in giving a turd 9.5 they got bad taste n low expectations of games. ..@divine yes thi is the reality people are butthurt
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Cam977  +   836d ago
Good review however; I just can't decide whether to buy BO or NFS:MW! They both look excellent games, that of course, makes it 10x harder to decide.
shammgod  +   835d ago
Try checking out some Black Friday deals. You might be able to get both for almost the same price. At least that is what I am hoping for :)

Of course, they will be hard copies and not the download version though.
HammadTheBeast  +   835d ago
I recommend NFS personally, Declassified is just rushed in my opinion.
Cam977  +   835d ago
It was developed in 5 months which is a joke. It's SONY's fault and Activision's fault.
juggulator  +   835d ago
While I don't completely disagree I will say that as someone who bought this game along with BO2, it's worth no where near $50. I also think they could have come up with a better run mechanic cuz pressing the analog forward while pressing down on the dpad is a pain.I do blame myself as I never inquired about the price cuz I figured it's a vita game so it'll be $39.99 at most. Definitely learned my lesson. Check before u buy.
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Angerfist  +   835d ago
lulz what a totally unbiased review
TheDivine  +   835d ago
OK. I better go buy this asap then. Didint realise this was one of the best games ever made. I was under the impresion it was a turd churned out by a horrible dev in 5 months. I thought it was under an hour long and its only real offering was the MP which is small, glitchy, and uses old maps shrunk down. Man was i wrong. Glad you PS guys got together and decided to quit bashing COD as tired played out dlc and start praising this as the instant classic it is. Now that its an exclusive Vita game with not even a quarter of the content, polish, and graphics its suddenly the best thing since cooked up crack. Cant wait to get this!!!

I might just buy 2 copies so i can not play the co-op it doesnt include and have twice the dissapointment. The hostiles are so jerky and the AI is so bad they may as well be zombies because i couldnt tell the difference anyways. SCORE!!!
NoTheMama  +   835d ago
So this game is almost perfect then? As good as say Halo 4, Red Dead, or MGS4?!
Either you were on some REALLY good drugs when you played this, or you're one of those people who cant stomach the idea of your fav console being host to an absolute dud of a game.
Dont get me wrong, im glad youre enjoying it. But Im even more glad you arent a proffesional game reviewer!
dazzrazz  +   835d ago
Thats weird, its getting shit reviews across the board and yet 1 person believes you can polish a turd with a good score :D
Chuk5  +   835d ago
I'm sorry but the review reaks of someone justifying their purchase to the point of delusion. Your opinion is yours, but it sounds very skewed.
beerkeg  +   835d ago
I don't believe a word of this 'review'.
sitharrefus  +   834d ago
Its a personal opinion....
beerkeg  +   832d ago
Yes, as is any review. And some reviews need to be taken with a pinch of salt. This one needs a truck load of salt.

Lines like this show the reviewer is trying too hard to make the game seem better than it is -

'Immediatly I was filled with enjoyment, fun, and smiles.'

'Joy and laughter was all you can hear'

'With 6 maps it only keeps you wanting more already.'

I mean, seriously? I got an image in my head of some complete loon, with a demented grin, sitting in his car throwing glitter all around the place singing 'I'm so happy!'.
Heavenly King  +   834d ago
I concur with this review at certain degree. It is a good game 7.5/10
MoreRPG  +   834d ago
I gave it a 7/10 and to be honest im being generous
Yangus  +   833d ago
I like CoD(MW)series.

But this review...
Overall 9.5?
C'mon its bad joke,absolutely not-authentic!
CalvinKlein  +   832d ago
no, this guy just uses the 9.5-10 scale.
Fez  +   832d ago
"After leaving the store and getting into my car, I slid the game into my Playstation Vita"
You shouldn't play the Vita when you're driving...unless driving helps to distract you from the awful game your playing. But seriously, Black Ops Declassified is the kind of game that would make you drive into oncoming traffic :)
SaffronCurse  +   832d ago
For a rushed game... it's not bad at all. 7/10
JellyJelly  +   832d ago
Vita gamers have no standards.

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