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nrvalleytime  +   1117d ago
Love this game. Well said, though I would argue that the difficulty, though a turn-off to new players, is what makes it unique.

But maybe that's just me. :-)
Rage_S90  +   1116d ago
My only problem with Dark Souls is the frame rate and the amount of glitches, both of which didn't seem to happen in Demons Souls.
StrawberryDiesel420  +   1115d ago
That's because Demon's Souls wasn't as vast as Dark Souls like he stated in his review.
beerkeg  +   1114d ago
Demons Souls had it's fair share of frame rate problems.
sdplisken  +   1115d ago
another 10/10
both souls games are my fav games this gen
taquito  +   1113d ago
two truly amazing games

all the praise is well due

masterful works of gaming!

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