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coolbeans  +   963d ago
Hope everyone enjoyed the review! Feel free to comment/PM with questions or comments. :)

Since I recently moved to a temp. residence without internet (the horror! :P), please be patient when it comes to me commenting back or rectifying any grammatical faults you may spot in the review. Thank you.
LostDjinn  +   962d ago
I agree with some of your points, but the thing I'd like to ask you Beans is: Are you clearing your backlog or bargain shopping?

I really want to know.
coolbeans  +   958d ago
Mostly bargain shopping
I probably had one of the easiest, worst-paying jobs in the country a couple of months back so I was stuck with gift card money (thanks n4g!) to buy cheap games.
Ultr  +   962d ago
great review, pretty much what I think of the game

gameplay weak as hell.... with absolute great charakters
SaffronCurse  +   960d ago
Good review, exactly how i feel about the game.
Beautiful graphics, gameplay is lacking to make it an enjoyable experience.

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