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PS3Freak  +   1258d ago
Great game. This review is pretty spot on, although I think I enjoyed the humour a little more than the reviewer.
unkn0wn  +   1254d ago
I think there's actually quite a bit of variety, they introduce new mechanics well into the latter portion of the game. Other than that yeah, pretty spot on. I will say this however, I appreciate a good read as much as the next guy but this was a bit too wordy.
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Nate-Dog  +   1254d ago
Thanks for the feedback, do you mean it went on a bit, or was just too long (or both)? I've been trying to rectify that lately but I still need to be able to condense things better clearly.
unkn0wn  +   1252d ago
Maybe a bit of both. It's fairly easy to portray the often perverted nature of the game; fewer instances would have sufficed. I would consider the goat head to be a puzzle which could have been shortened for conciseness sake without sacrificing much detail.

Those two may exemplify some different areas, though are by no means guidelines set by stone, as reviews and their formats are subject to change.
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Nate-Dog  +   1251d ago
Fair enough, thanks for the feedback, I'll try and be more concise when I can.

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