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coolbeans  +   1280d ago
Well done on your first review.
Certainly better than my initial reviews. :P

I've been hearing great things about the story. Very tempted to pick this up in the near future.
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Robochobo  +   1280d ago
Thanks, haha. I've always wanted to do something like this, but integrating something such as sound with gameplay, and so on is difficult to me. Hopefully I'll get better, and I can help a few people who are on the edge about getting non-blockbuster games such as this. Yes, the story is great. It's one of those things where you'd rather play the game again with a memory wipe, just so you could experience it again through virgin eyes.
baboom223  +   1280d ago
I really enjoyed this game also, wish they would have done more with the multi-player portion though, they was definitely lacking.
StayStatic  +   1279d ago
Excellent game , still a little mythed by the ending but was good none the less.

Required a little tweaking to get it to my taste such as low field of view and the lowest in game sensitivity and mouse acceleration was awful:

Increase FoV and some other widescreen tweaks:



Encrypt and Decrypt tools for the ini files allow you to adjust in game settings to your liking , srinput.ini can be changed to disable mouse smoothing and other things.

Original thread :

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Jurat  +   1278d ago
This is on my list now.

I've turned away from competitive multiplayer lately and enjoy co-op'ing titles like this with friends.
r21  +   1276d ago
Im halfway through the game and boy, some of the stuff in it is really unsettling... especially the phosphorus scene.

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