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Nate-Dog  +   1158d ago
Nice review and I totally agree with pretty much everything you've said, especially about the game and combat in general being fair and spot-on in terms of timing and responsiveness. One of the best things about the game is that you can rarely say "oh that was stupid that shouldn't have happened", you'll pretty much only ever die from your own mistakes or from rushing or from simply coming up against an enemy way more powerful than you but you'll rarely ever feel like you've been cheated by the game.
imtheman2013  +   1158d ago
Thank you for that. This being my first review I am looking forward to all sorts of input and receiving positive comments is nice. And yeah, that's what I was trying to get at. The game never really falters. It was always me making the mistakes. But thanks again! :D
Blastoise  +   1157d ago
Bed of chaos begs to differ lol :P
Nate-Dog  +   1157d ago
Touché. Those sweeping legs / arms did irritate me quite a bit. :P
cpayne93  +   1157d ago
The only deaths I felt were unfair in the game were the capra demon, where you just have to luck out in running behind him before he and those dogs kill you, and that damn chest that eats you. There isn't any way to see that coming first time around.

I liked Demon's Souls better, but Dark Souls is still one of the best games this generation. It's just that Demon's Souls IS the best game this generation imo.
Chapulin  +   1157d ago
Invasions can be very annoying? Yes but I think it makes the game more unique and challenging.
garos82  +   1157d ago
great review. the only downfall for me was that the online wasnt as solid as the predecessor in terms of back stabbing lag. that really annoyed me in many online battles. but other than that this is my fave game of this gen
Columbo  +   1156d ago
Dark Souls was one of my most favorite games of the current generation. Reading reviews like this makes me want to get back into it and start playing NG+. I'll need to get back through the first half of the game so I can play the DLC when it is released soon too!
Kos-Mos  +   1156d ago
The online system makes the game even more exciting. Complaining about that you cannot summon in seconds is not right. It`s supposed to take long time, it`s supposed to be frustrating. I love it.
But Demon`s Soul`s is still better. That game moved me like no other game has last 5 years.

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