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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1235d ago
Nice review.
It's a great game with a few flaws that hold it back a bit.
For me it was the long loading times and uninteresting characters.I thought Jenson was just irritating.Still one of the best JRPGs this gen though despite this.
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Nate-Dog  +   1235d ago
I agree about the characters in general and Jensen too, they just tried too forcefully to make him seem funny in every single scene and he already annoyed me the first time you meet him so that didn't help, although admittedly I didn't find the loading times that bad but I guess if you went from area to area on the world map a lot you'd notice it more.
gaffyh  +   1232d ago
I thought the characters were not too bad, but I hate Gongorra's character design. It's just so terrible.

It is one of the best JRPGs this generation imo, a lot better than FF13 and FF13-2.
no_more_heroes  +   1232d ago
Three words to strike fear into any mortal's heart:

Temple of Enlightenment

About the load times, they're almost non-existent if you install it to the hard drive. If you don't have 23 GB of hard drive space to spare, install only the disc you're currently on. It also gets rid of the choppiness you see when a battle appears and it has to load in the enemies.
TheDivine  +   1234d ago
Great review. I loved this game, one of if not my favorite turn based jrpg. It did have some problems like slow battles, and other small annoyances but over very solid. It felt like a big budget mainline ff game (for obvious reasons). The story was great imo except that Gongora wasnt the best villian and one other thing i wont mention due to spoilers. I did love Jansen though, one of the best characters EVER and some of the best voice acting ever. He really grew and changed through the game. Those kids were so damn annoying though. I did come to care about them so i guess they werent all bad but damn they couldve toned it down a bit.

This game is epic, massive (vehicles and hidden areas/dungeons), has great graphics, and has 20 hours of cutscenes (yea holy shit!). The novels were what really made the game stand out and some acually made me tear up. Very beautiful and emotional. Also the game has some of the best bosses ever. Two things it needed was some form of summons and some form of limit breaks. You get uber powerful spells and the ultamate hit or whatever but i wanted something to fill to uneash hellfire on my enemies lol. Still it will go down as the most overlooked and underated jrpg in history for me.
-GametimeUK-  +   1233d ago
Why have I not played this?
gaffyh  +   1232d ago
It's Xbox 360-only and was one of the very early games, so easy to miss. GREAT game though, if you like FF7-9, you will love Lost Odyssey
-GametimeUK-  +   1231d ago
I had an Xbox when this game launched and I loved the look of it. I just never got round to playing it. For some reason I have Blue Dragon in my collection too, WTF?
Ryatta  +   1227d ago
I loved this game, t was a true reminder of the JRPGs of old especially in turms of the battle system. Seemed like heaven to have a world map again since Final Fantasy had all but abandoned teh concept.. I always thought world maps gave the game a sense of scale.

Oh and Gongora... if i had a list for characters with faces deserving of a good punch he'd be at the top!
ToZanarkand86  +   1213d ago
Thousand years of dreams, and the in game music were amazing.
However, the story sucked and the character design was terrible. I mean Gongora and Sarah were such poor ass characters. Nobuo saved this game for me.

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