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StayStatic  +   1210d ago
Good Review , Rockstar showed the PC some love with this title , the game is gorgeous when cranked up to high + , was certainly worth the 30GB download :D

Rockstar was also quick to patch any problems within a week of release , very impressed.

Just be sure add -nomouseaccel to the command line, R* say it will be added as a standard option next patch so it will do for now :) , source: http://forums.steampowered....

Completed it on hard mode (free aim) the other night, very challenging , enjoyed it from start to finish :)
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konnerbllb  +   1209d ago
Why the minecraft pickaxe?
Dovahkiin  +   1209d ago
His avatar...
LPH24  +   1209d ago
Yeah, it's not the review "image" if you will. Just my profile picture.
tee_bag242  +   1206d ago
LPH24 - Great Review.

Wern't the graphics amazing!! And the gameplay was indeed tight.
My only gripes are:

it didn't have the Max Payne darkness or twistedness. As beautiful as the environments were they all felt a touch could have been Drake or any other recent game hero - I wouldn't have been the wiser.

I loved the NY flashbacks so much and wished the whole game was set in NY again. I kind of wished they had gone with the original max payne digitalized art. Without it, the game just felt like a GTA version of Max Payne. Kind of the way that Lego do Star Wars (slight exageration).
Max Payne had a different voice or character from cutscenes to gameplay. Cutscenes were original max payne, ingame was some other joe blo.

Id give the game a 8.5 anyways

My two cents.
Thanks for the review :)
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Derekvinyard13  +   1202d ago
dude, James mccaffrey did every second of voice acting as max payne from games 1-3 no one else does them. he sounds old in #3
tee_bag242  +   1202d ago
Thanks for confirming that. I should have been a bit more clear in my post.
I meant that Max Payne had a very different character (persona) from cut scenes to ingame. So much that I thought it could have been a different actor in some of the shots.

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