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CGI-Quality  +   1341d ago
Wonderful game! Top of my favorites list for a reason!
coolbeans  +   1341d ago
Heh...I had a feeling you'd post on this review ^-^.

The only thing that keeps it from exemplary/awesome territory (9.0+) imo is the way the story is handled; red herrings, tawdry distractions, and the like are all present to some degree. It gets even worse when Cage and co. try to drag in romantic words to describe their narrative. Some of the story elements employed in HR would be ripped apart if they ever fell into a Hollywood agent's hands.

Nevertheless (<- isn't it funny how that typically expunges everything I said before?), QD's investments in delivering games that are major financial risks deserve praise from the industry/community.

Enjoyable review for a great title!
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jonathon-92  +   1341d ago
Heavy Rain one of my top 10 PS3 games, Thought it was amazing and unique and now we have Beyond two souls coming.

Nice review I like how you introduce the characters reads well too.
neutralgamer19  +   1337d ago
Great review!!!!! Loved this game. It was a thoroughly engulfing experience and very enjoyable. As i mentioned awhile ago my girl use to ask me to play so she could find out what was going to happen next!!! She would just sit there and watch me and loved every bit of it.

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