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coolbeans  +   1382d ago
Hope everyone enjoyed the review :D.

Although I mention the underwhelming conclusion a few times, that really had little effect on my final score (shocker!). I just...never found the journey to be "awesome" or "amazing" as I expected it to be. Unlike 1 and 2, there never felt like there was much creative risk involved.

Nevertheless, Mass Effect remains one of my favorite series of all time and I would recommend any sort of "ME Trilogy Pack" in a heartbeat.

Edit: Expect a few indie game reviews, and hopefully one on Star Wars: TOR in the near future. Have about 20 days off until schooling in summer starts.
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redDevil87  +   1382d ago
Nice review man.

"I just...never found the journey to be "awesome" or "amazing" as I expected it to be."

Totally agree with you on that part. Apart from the mission on Tuchanka, involving Mordin, and going to Arias home world, the actual missions for me were very bland. Most of the loyalty and recruitment missions from ME2 were a lot more exciting and varied compared to ME3. Imo.
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Sephris  +   1382d ago
Pretty long winded, but I liked what you had to say. Well written and very detailed. I will definitely check it out while I wait for Guild Wars 2 to come out just based on your review.
PhantomTommy  +   1382d ago
The ending didn't bother me too much because all the bad press softened the blow, but I still think that this is a bad game. The emphasis on combat, simplified dialogue trees and lack of interesting side quests left me severely disappointed. It was my favourite series this gen but I'll never look at the first two the same way, that's what bothers me most.

Another very well written review by the way.
Jurat  +   1382d ago
Perfectly balanced review; thanks for sharing.

I’m now past the point of no return and locked into the final mission. Expectations have been suitably managed in regards to the ending, but I’m approaching it from the perspective that Mass Effect 3 ‘is’ the ending – it’s one big ending.

I’ve also found the whole experience deeply affecting. As someone who has ported my character through 100 hours of game time, I’m now being forced to make some impossible decisions. I'll definitely be re-rolling the trilogy again with a different focus.

Everyone has the same beginning. It doesn’t bother me if everyone has the same ending. What matters is how we get there and what happens in between.
coolbeans  +   1382d ago
"What matters is how we get there and what happens in between."

Well stated sentence, Jurat. It's surprising to see me, a huge ME fan, not able to relate to others that found the first 95% of game to be amazing. While some didn't like either the Mako or planet scanning, at least these ideas felt new and gave you noticeable rewards for your efforts. The only approachable way to upgrading most of my mods was the following:

>- Walk around a level and try to pinpoint a glittering piece of equipment on the ground

>- Collect 10k credits by scanning a planet

>- Purchase next mod upgrade at store

>- Profit

Granted that's really not that far from other RPGs, but Mass Effect isn't any other RPG. All four minerals from ME2 were able to update everything you had on the ship. The mineral/scanning system in ME2 could be found tedious to many, but at least there was an abundance of each material; there's only so many credits to be found in the campaign.
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baboom223  +   1380d ago
Really well done review. This review I can agree with more then the mass effect 2 review, (Not saying it was a bad review) Seems like a fair rating. After playing the game I felt the same things you described, especially the writing.

Also, I couldn't help but chuckle at the title of this review. :)
coolbeans  +   1380d ago
"After playing the game I felt the same things you described, especially the writing."

It's rather ironic that so many websites would tout a simple inclusion of a male homosexual relationship as "a sign of games maturing" too. While I'd like to dodge any poster's issues of sensitivity with the issue (for disclaimer purposes), I just had to mention that part from the review again to clarify.

You see...gamers my age (21) and older have become complacent with the ocean getting wider, but never deeper. Games fail to hit even near the emotional depth of hundred year old poems or stories like 'Casablanca' when it comes to romance, yet unanimously praise a game for being one of the first to display the "rainbow flag". That's not maturity, that's an example of...tawdry writing exploitation (if that makes any sense).

Sorry to focus on that one facet, but EA's artistic freedom hypocrisy still grinds my gears.
baboom223  +   1379d ago
Totally agree. As if adding homosexual romance makes a game mature.. just wow.

yeah it seems bioware just took advantage of the opportunity to make the game seem more mature when reality, some people can see through there little trick.

And that ending was revolting.

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