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coolbeans  +   1349d ago
Hope everyone enjoyed the review. You probably know the rest by now :P.

Since I haven't received my copy of ME3 yet, don't expect a review until next month. I might fill my review void with I AM ALIVE or Alan Wake's American Nightmare if I come around to it. Before that, I'd like to wrap my head around a blog pertaining to Alan Wake.

Stay tuned...
limewax  +   1348d ago
Looking forward to your ME3 review, unlike a lot of user reviews at N4G you seem to give the games a fair chance in all fields and I am quite interested to know what side of the fence your opinion of the changes from 1-3 will fall on.

Keep up the good work
coolbeans  +   1348d ago
Thank you :)

I'm happy to inform everyone that I just received Mass Effect 3 in the mail today. How it came about week before the "target date" on Amazon is beyond me :P.
Jurat  +   1349d ago
A lot of interesting points here; thanks for sharing.

I'll probably re-roll Renegade on my next playthrough.

FWIW, Mording Solus is definitely my favourite crew member...
baboom223  +   1347d ago
Interesting, very interesting. I found this "In the end, Mass Effect 2 tells everyone it doesn't have to be obsequious to what determines a genre, and, in some ways, is a better game for it." really hard to agree with. The game took a lot of the actual decision making, customization and back story available in the first and just got rid of it for the sole purpose of reaching a bigger demographic. I can never respect a developer for doing that.

Edit: Forgot to mention that it was a very well written review. :)
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coolbeans  +   1347d ago
Somehow, I knew you'd find my reaction interesting ;). I can understand others not agreeing with my ending statement. The only reason I framed it that way was after getting hyped for KoA: Reckoning, checking out reviews, and then being underwhelmed by the demo (I'm sure full game will be great). The problem I'm beginning to have is the boring checklists I personally feel are created behind closed doors, such as with Battlefield 3's copying of CoD.

Bear with me as I try to tackle each portion of your statement:

- When it comes to the 'bigger demographic' statements made by companies, I tend to worry; but after going back and doing a bit of contemplating, I think Bioware wanted to first and foremost challenge the expectancy of what an RPG should be rather than pander to the Gears crowd (first one sold over 2 mil copies on 360 alone, so money wasn't an issue).

- I'll have to disagree on the actual decision making part, but only for the ME1 importers. I think there's-unconsciously-a deeper decision making process for the gamer once you see how some of your past actions are displayed. Getting chastised by former squadmates that I once saved punched me in the gut and actually made me question my loyalty missions at times.

- I can partially concede to the back story bit. Although the codex is incredibly deep, the Normandy crew before reaching Eden Prime was very helpful in giving you all the exposition you needed in ME1. ME2 did give the notion that you were expected to know certainly aspects of the game, like The Reapers (who were an effing plot twist in the first one).

- I actually thought their idea for customization was brilliant, but not well executed. Just think of exploring planets ME1-style and to only find credits and the 4 base elements in lockers. After you were done collecting, you'd head back to your ship and purchase endless amounts of upgrades just by those elements and credits. It would be the perfect hub setup. I liked how much more reliant you were of the ship, rather than random npc sellers (whose gear would become outdated the next time you saw them!), but it failed in giving that enjoyable grind I felt from ME1's side missions.

In the end, my complaints are geared more towards ME2 feeling like "less of an experience" rather than "less of an RPG". With ME1, you constantly felt like an important, yet small piece to this universe with less load screens, dozens of planets to trek with a tank-on-wheels, and the overwhelming sense of discovery. I think Bioware scaled these back in 2 to make the game feel more polished all around, and essentially admitted that a certain aspect would suffer if everything from 1 was to be kept. I see ME's development tale is one that's more about being a victim of their own initial ambition, rather than a money-hungry villain trying to welcome a broader audience.

I apologize in advance for any sentences with awful grammar or didn't make sense. Going back and forth (mentally) between this and some powerpoint slides for a test I'm taking soon :).
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baboom223  +   1347d ago
I can respect that, and I see now that saying "Getting rid of" was a bit harsh but it just really throws me off when a dev decides that there going to change an already nearly perfect and original game just to make it more open to others. And the whole online pass deal really did it for me.

Nevertheless it was a really good review and it was still definitely a good game.

hah, I read your comment and saw your reaper twist bit and it reminded me of that entire mission. great twist.

Anyway, keep up the good reviews. :D

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