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kraze07  +   1443d ago
Good review. Going to pick this up once I clear out the back log of games I still haven't beat yet.
WildArmed  +   1443d ago
Good review. I'm loving the game!
I just got done w/ the tutorial, and have spent the last 8 hours running around doing the side/faction quests the game has to offer. Loving the game so far!
Combat is really fun. I like not been restricted to a melee only class.
Infact the game encourages combo-ing of classes such as melee and mage! It even has a Fate card for it! loving it!
phantomexe  +   1443d ago
i've been on the fence about the game. I amost preordered it before release but to this day i'm still not sure what to make of it. That demo didn't help this game but perhaps i'll rent it and play it awhile then maybe pick it up if i'm into it.
theeg  +   1443d ago
Thanks for the comments guys!

This is the first review I have ever put out there, (did a tribes ascend preview but it got denied:(

Looking at it now I can see some areas I kind of glossed over out of laziness but I think I'll let it stand as it is, again, thanks for the feedback!
xPhearR3dx  +   1440d ago
Good review, I'm loving the game as well. Just an FYI, the gear is actually this:

Yellow/Gold=Part of a Set

theeg  +   1440d ago
Thanks for the correction, I was going on memory and knew I was being a little vauge, have put your correction in and credited you, THANKS!

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