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coolbeans  +   1352d ago
2-for-2 on what I would score the GTA games! Excellent narrative, meticulous focus of New York City (both in spirit/ethos and design), comprehensive MP, etc. etc. Only shame is how many of those extra elements from SA were removed.
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Dovahkiin  +   1352d ago
Really don't know why Rockstar removed such things as the BMX and jetpack, they let me play with the city so much more. Still a great game though, IMHO.
coolbeans  +   1352d ago
It wasn't so much those features as it was the extra customization, such as working out, eating a boatload of chicken, and fine tuning a certain car you like.
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Kingdom Come  +   1351d ago
I didn't miss the jetpack, I prefer the more grounded approach taken with GTA IV, however the BMX riding and customisation in regards to wait and such I did feel would have benefited GTA IV's realistic world, however, these look to be making a return in GTA V.
Kingdom Come  +   1351d ago
I would score Graphics and Sound higher as the Voice Acting is absolutely superb and when considering the sheer scope of the game, Graphically its fantastic. Whilst many consider San Andreas to be the better game, I personally would have to disagree, I still remember the first time I played GTA IV (on release date) and seeing how realistic the world was, people walking, talking, drinking, eating, reading, working, it is such a magnificent game, and GTA V looks to be even more incredible, I can't wait...

Good review btw.

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