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Blastoise  +   1326d ago
Before I read, is it spoiler free? Still playing through the single player :P
Bioshocking  +   1325d ago
Um some what...
j-blaze  +   1323d ago
"Uncharted 3 is the definitive Uncharted game, the pinnacle of the series"

lol Bio, no way i'm taking this serious, plus i expected you to give this game a fair/reasonable score, not the " oh i liked the game i will give it a perfect score!" -_-...

you see, if there is something bad in a game, criticize it! criticism will only make the next game better....and there are a lot of things to criticize in this game "to me at least":
-The story in general
-First half of the game was slow and boring
-The lame boring puzzles
-an old hag as a villain
-Drake's drunk animations
-Lack of boss battles
-Clunky gunplay
-Stiff platforming

this game SUCKS imo! especially the first half of the game.... it bored the hell out of me! all you do is fist fight mobs 70s movie style, walk, solve boring nonsensical puzzles, climb, jump, shoot, solve more stupid puzzles.

Edit: lol 2 guys want me to gtfo....NO! i posted my comment and i feel like a boss! Bio, your review doesn't make sense, face it this game sucks! oh Mexican what's up -_-...
you guys are so friggin rude!
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Bioshocking  +   1323d ago
Dude.... do me a favor....

GTFO my review...

I don't care for your opinion, nor do many people here

Also... im going to address every bs complaint you made

-First half of the game was slow and boring
That was intended by ND, to create pacing... I and many others enjoyed the slow start and that of Nates story getting the ring

-The lame boring puzzles
Really? Most of the puzzles were more creative this time. The globe, medival tablets and the stabbing ones were well designed

-an old hag as a villain
You have got to be joking me... Im not even going to get into this because of how stupid you sound

-Drake's drunk animations
ND wanted to make the animations more realistic, but for the people who did not like it, the patch they released gives the option to use the stiffer Uncharted 2 animations

-Lack of boss battles
Why would this game need a boss battle? Boss battles are not done that great in TPS games, and Im glad ND skipped it.

-Clunky gunplay
Adjust or use the new aiming patch they released 2 months ago. Or GTFO

-Stiff platforming
The platforming is the same as Uncharted 2!

Honestly, you hate ND, you hate their games, you troll all the time...

You probably did not expect anything with Uncharted 3... you rented it, played through it... just so you could bitch about it on the internet. Or you did not even play it at all, just watched someones walkthrough. Because all the complaints you made are a joke

So here is pretty much what me and a lot of people think about your opinion
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MsclMexican  +   1323d ago
Mate... J-blaze will never change....

I agree with everything you said about him...

Probably just played the game with a closed mind.

For what it is worth... your review was well written. People love to over react to scores. That is your opinion, and leave it at that.

Don't give the troll of satisfaction by addressing his "complaints"

We all know he bitches about ND, his opinion of their games are worth less than nothing.

If you have this animosity towards a studio... why the hell should we expect reasonable critisms from him?

J-blaze... GTFO
Hovis  +   1323d ago
Although I see where you are coming from with some of your criticisms your just being silly.

'The old hag' and 'lack of boss battles' Christ you must nitpick the games you play to death. What other enemies would you have like to fight as a boss I wonder...oh wait other then that knife fight there weren't any. It made sense storywise to not have any. Old hag wise that's an aesthetic problem for you so that's fine.

Also saying the game SUCKZ! is ridiculous because then you would be putting it on the same layer as something like Amy, which it isn't.

Just calm down a bit :)
Drekken  +   1322d ago
J-Blaze you must be high as hell to say such dumb things.
Bioshocking  +   1321d ago
lol... yeah your such a boss...

Your opinion does not mean shit to anyone here... and you can't reply back since you have one bubble...

Dude... your an idiot, I feel stupid replying to you, and I feel like my IQ points are dying.

Almost everyone on N4G hates you, due to your sheer stupidity.

Yeah such a boss

Get a life
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Luc20  +   1323d ago
Good read. The boat level was like nothing I ever experienced in a game. Everything is almost perfect in this game. You can buy soundtrack from the PSN store. The music is so amazing it could be used in a movie.
therealminime  +   1323d ago
It certainly is not perfect, and it is not nearly as surprising and important as Uncharted 2, but it is a fantastic game. While I felt it really followed an almost identical formula to Uncharted 2, there is still no other game series that is so cinematic, so beautiful, and has such wonderfully written characters. I do agree that the difficulty was a little hit and miss in the latter half of the game, but that didn't hinder my enjoyment too much.

In the end I think Uncharted 2 is the better and more important game, but Uncharted 3 is one hell of an accomplishment and hot damn if it isn't the best looking console game out there.
Hovis  +   1323d ago
Good review.

My biggest problem with the game was the story, bare with me.

I just recently finished playing number 1 and it was interesting to see at one point in the game Drake calls it quits because he values his life over some treasure that might or might not exist. Fast forward to number 3 and Drake is constantly being asked if it's all worth it? (Especially when his enemies are clearly not to be messed with). He never gives a proper response. Drake ends up coming across as very short sighted. Maybe he's got his fingers crossed that it's a 3rd time lucky and the treasure is haunted this time.

*Spoilers* The other problem I found with the story was the set pieces are just getting ridiculous. Getting thrown off a second floor building and winning the fight in the bar, fine. Surviving for days in the desert and then kill loads of highly trained mercenaries, ahhh. Surviving being shipwrecked and washing up on shore where he needs to be, ok guys that's too much etc.

As someone who values his story those moments took me right out but I would agree that if you have a PS3 you should buy it and this is pretty much the best reason to buy a PS3 if you don't.

p.s Also being English I would also point out that we do not all look like that, only most of us.
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coolbeans  +   1322d ago
I recall ND saying they come up with set pieces first, then build the story around that idea. It couldn't be more obvious in Uncharted 3. Although you bring up a fair point about Drake's pursuit for treasure, I have to disagree with you in certain respects.

I think Drake's character 'evolution' (with what little he's had) through the series makes him feel that it's morally imperative that he stops the 'bad guys' in 3. Whereas in the first one hehe wanted to quit early on because he suspected he was only going after treasure.
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Hovis  +   1322d ago
This is my last bubble, just saying.

My problem with the Drake in 3 is not that he goes after the treasure and the enemies but that he never explains it. He's asked multiple times throughout and just shrugs. If he had gone, 'look, I feel morally obliged to stop them because I may have accidently helped them'. Then It would've been fine because he gave his reasons but no, shrug and away we go.

As for the set pieces maybe for 'The Last of Us' or 'Uncharted 4' (if they do it) I just hope it can be more intertwined with the plot and not stand out so much (you know what I mean).
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coolbeans  +   1321d ago
"My problem with the Drake in 3 is not that he goes after the treasure and the enemies but that he never explains it. He's asked multiple times throughout and just shrugs. If he had gone, 'look, I feel morally obliged to stop them because I may have accidently helped them' "

I can certainly agree that it comes off as 'iffy' but it gets away with that because the question itself could argueably be aimed more towards the GAMER, rather than Drake himself.
UziSuicide  +   1322d ago
I have to be honest, it'd be my least favourite of the series and lacked the pacing that made the first two great, it never really ramped up and your foes were average people. I'd probably give it about an 8, it was good and while it had true moments of greatness it just didn't gel, too many game designers putting everything together patchwork style.
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