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BlmThug  +   1415d ago
Quite a late review, dont you think
Valenka  +   1415d ago
Oh hey, I just played it and wanted to review it. Is that okay with you, sir? [/sarcasm]
Maddens Raiders  +   1414d ago
Stopped reading after -
"Speaking of ghetto and gangster (pardon me if this offends anyone... Rockstar wasn't shy to adding a plethora of rap songs" and then the useless attempt to equate & sugar coat your shallow & thoughtless comment. Get a life away from your keyboard and monitor why don't ya? You might find it's a big wonderful world full of non-cliches & stereotypes you take for granted.
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StraightPath  +   1415d ago
What is this 2008?
Valenka  +   1415d ago
Do point out the duration of time one has after a game is released to review it. Don't worry, I'll wait.
DeeZee  +   1415d ago
I'm sure there isn't a limit on how old a game can be, so calm down.
Valenka  +   1415d ago
Thanks DeeZee :)
meeples999  +   1415d ago
I love this game. I'm still playing it quite regularly seeing as it's installed on my PS3. Can just spend an hour or two cruising around doing absolutely nothing. It definitely beats out alot of modern racing games in terms of free roaming and replayability.

Hm I think some of your negatives aren't actually bad things for me. The whole gangster, ghetto, whatever feel is pretty cheesy but in a good way. Listening to some of their lines makes you cringe because they're so bad but I don't ever get this in other games so I kind of welcome it.
And my taste in music in music leans towards the indie rock side but some of the rap and hip hop in this, while different, is actually not that bad. But aaanyway ignoring all that, you can always play your own music :D This game does allow you to play your own music on the PS3, one of the less common features of games.

Anyway good review and the score seems quite spot on imo :)
ZILLA  +   1415d ago
back on the PS2 was some long nights racing online.i was in ARC club...alien racing club and it carry over to MCLA but didnt feel the same for some reason,wish i did cause the customization was AMAZING.still MC will always be the GREATEST street racing game E V E R!
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coolbeans  +   1414d ago
What's with the complaints about when it was released? Users approved my KOTOR 1 & 2 reviews and seemed to enjoy them.

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