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coolbeans  +   1535d ago
Hope everyone enjoyed the review. Although this a review with the name "Call of Duty" in it, I'd like to ask everyone to keep your comment(s) civil and welcoming for discussion with me and other users.
PhantomTommy  +   1534d ago
Very well written review, keep it up.
UnagiMaster  +   1534d ago
Your reviews are the best on here. Good job pal.
Hufandpuf  +   1534d ago
I liked the review, it was pretty fair. I've only played Survival and Special Ops, and this review seems about right. Though addictive is not the word I'd use, it's just fun. But I found myself bored when playing without a friend. I wish they'd work on the gun models more though. Every gun I've used felt the same and weren't really different some each other besides the ammo count. Also the red dot sights were atrocious. I want more time with the game, but I don't see myself spending too much time with it.
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xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1533d ago
I enjoyed the story no doubt. But I still sold the game after a week. Like you say they Use the same formula since Cod4. I get they don't want to remove it and I don't expect them too but I do expect major updates. Not small Tweaks.

I like Games that change throughout the Series.

Some Examples Below

Halo3 -> Reach brought a welcomed Class System.

Battlefield 2 -> Bad Company 1+2 brought Destruction -> Battlefield 3 brought Frostbite 2 Engine with stunning visual details and enhanced destruction

Cod4 Brought the Epic perk System, Killstreaks and the now gaming standard level up unlock system. -------------------> Mw3 Level up gun system. Took them so long just to get a new feature in and not even one that is so great.
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coolbeans  +   1533d ago
Although these complaints are justified, your final sentences don't seem to do the series fair justice.

My take on the evolution of the CoD series:

CoD 4: What you basically mentioned

World at War: Nothing on the SP/Competitive MP side, just coated in WWII paint; however, brought a great amount of value with 4-player co-op campaign and Nazi Zombies.

MW2: Wrinkles added to the formula like slo-mo breaches, vehicle sections, and a great amount of new ways to kill (riot shields, sentry guns, etc.), customizable killstreaks, and Spec Ops

Black Ops: New credit system w/ new wager matches, dive mechanic, though seemed to follow in the feet of MW2 too much.

MW3: Strike Packages, Spec Ops Survival, and a few random new weapons and attachments.

When I say "too familiar", I'm not saying this is the same game from '07 like raging detractors will. My meaning of too familiar (unless explained otherwise): concepts that don't take risks on the same level as previous entries.

After playing some of BF3 (on 360), that game shouldn't be given credit as a textbook example of a sequel. A prettier engine should be asking it to also have a more expansive SP campaign like the Bad Co. games, not take so much from CoD's formula. The 64-Player count is impressive on PC's, but that doesn't mean we should ignore SP and co-op just because everyone says "Oh, Battlefield is only known for its MP". While Bad Co. 2 isn't one of the best FPS campaigns this gen, it's still showed many signs of improvement over 1.
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xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1533d ago
I enjoyed Bc2 Story over Bf3 tbh. And its a prettier engine, Destruction 3.0 and Jets i think thats a decent improvement.

Well for me the level up gun system in mw3 was the most notable feature for me so it's the only one i mentioned. But i did also forget to mention their new killstreak system. Yeah sure it's cool and neat for the moment but for someone like me that was an avid Cod4, Waw, And Mw2 player the game felt no differnt. Both black ops and Mw3 were very shortlived and had little time on my shelves
Rowland  +   1531d ago
good user name, good review ! - better written than most so-called gaming site 'journalists'.

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