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Rock Bottom  +   2091d ago
The thing I mess the most about old PSone TR is the challenged they offered, the not so accessible to everyone yet very effective and fun controls, the sometimes frustratingly hard puzzles and confusing level layout which allowed much room for thinking and exploration, the strong enemies you face where, in a lot of cases, a single mistake could lead to Lara's death. Completing those games make for an unforgettable experience, unlike recent TR games, which I can hardly remember playing... Even though I did.

Enough of this, nostalgia make me sad. :(
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Son_Lee  +   2091d ago
No one likes Legend or Underworld? For shame.
Cajun Chicken  +   2091d ago
Core closed, Crystal Dynamics took over IP. Saying that TR never really bothered me anyway, I just found the games pretty over complicated back then.

an IP very rarely stays the same when someone takes over.
thor  +   2090d ago
Tomb Raider is one of those games that was a revolution back in the day, but if you compare it to today's games it's actually pretty crap. I mean, even in the third game you had to use left and right to turn to face a direction before moving. Very cumbersome controls. Not actually that fun if you go back to it.

So it's not that the developers were doing a bad job in creating all the sequels; it's just that they couldn't live up to the first in terms of impact, even if the games themselves were 10x better than the originals. And we have to face facts - the most recent Tomb Raider game might not be the best game available, but it IS more fun than the original Tomb Raider if you played it now. That's one of the reasons they remade the first game - give you the nostalgia as well as a fun game to play.
crapgamer  +   2090d ago
They repackaged it and threw some shiny graphics on it and turned her into a dude and now it's called Uncharted. It's a shame really.
Roper316  +   2090d ago
The original TR is still and always will be my all time favorite game.
tmt345  +   2089d ago
Tomb Raider Underworld was actually really good it just had alot of bugs.

Its a shame many people here have so much hate for the series cause of Uncharted.

I am very excited for the next Tomb Raider (the one in development alongside the arcade game) because they are taking it in new directions and it looks like CC finally got their act together cause they are taking their time with this one.

Guardian of Light looks interesting too, will definitely buy knowing they are using a great engine they are comfortable with and all the bugs will have been worked out!

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