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RememberThe357  +   1578d ago
Juice info
All of it makes sense and I wouldn't be surprised to see all of it come to fruition at E3 especially since most of this has already been talked about in the past.
Darkstorn  +   1578d ago
I'm not surprised. It's about time a redesigned 360 came out.
tdogchristy90  +   1578d ago
my question would be how much do they think the slim will cost? I'm still working on my launch system so an upgrade would be might look funny next to my phat ps3 but o well.
oldschooljunkie  +   1578d ago
Dought it
I know first hand that those store reps don't know anything more than your average Google searcher. I speak with SONY, Nintendo and Microsoft store reps and they never know much more than I know, but I'm a freelance journalist. But, they are retail reps and don't have access to inside information. This is fact not my opinion. ;)
cryymoar  +   1578d ago
actually, as much as i'm on n4g, i really haven't seen any semi-official news on what this man told me.
i mean, if you have some links please do send them my way.

this console generation is getting very interesting indeed.

crapgamer  +   1577d ago
Well this is something that has kind of leaked out earlier this year. The biggest speculation is a slim Xbox 360 bundled with Project Natal for around $250. A re-brand with a redesign would work wonders for the 360, just like the slim worked for the PS3. I see Microsoft even taking a bigger loss getting Natal out there. Probably see the Xbox 360 slim sell by itself for $199 or less.
I'd definitely buy another 360 if they went slim with it.
butterfinger  +   1572d ago
I will definitely...
buy a slim 360 on day one if this turns out to be true. Built in wifi and less noise would be welcome, but aren't necessary.
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