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whateva  +   2042d ago
From Casual To HardCore without skipping A Beat!
Best of Both Worlds!

PlayStation Move is going to be the best all around Motion Controller IMO.
sinncross  +   2042d ago
Good preview from Stuff.
Seems like all the reports on the controller mention the same thing: the controller is accurate.

Good going Sony: now get us some lots of good games for the device :)
TOO PAWNED  +   2042d ago
here you see difference between professional European guy vs American overly cynical(trying to be funny/cool) journalists/sites.
Not saying that there aren't EU guys that act as Americans.
whateva  +   2042d ago
I would love to see Project Natal match this Speed & Precision

Edit: we have a Mad Disagree'er on the loose lol
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Mo0eY  +   2042d ago
Less monkey shaving, more gameplay.
thereapersson  +   2042d ago
Noticeable lag
There was noticeable lag. I think it even caused him to miss the ball a couple times.

And here I thought NATAL's lag was bad...
DaTruth  +   2042d ago
The thing about the Move that gives me more confidence in it than Natal is Sony isn't afraid to show it!

Wait for E3, Wait for E3.... so MS can produce a commercial directed by David Copperfield with assistants... er, actors pretending to have fun and doing things the system will never be capable of. I mean, you can't just set up smoke machines and mirrors anywhere!
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Shadow Flare  +   2042d ago
Notice how sony preview their controller to a tech magazine but microsoft preview their camera to a bunch of half baked celebrities numbnuts
Hellsvacancy  +   2042d ago
I think thats the 4th comment youve made in 2 days that ive agreed with

+1 2-u mofo
sikbeta  +   2042d ago
This is Great... and all, but I want -> [Minority Report] by PS-Move
Christopher  +   2041d ago
***There was noticeable lag. I think it even caused him to miss the ball a couple times. ***
I'll give you there was some delay with the games that uses the camera to project your image onto the screen, but other than that I have to call you crazy to even come close to comparing this to Natal's lag.

Table Tennis didn't show any noticeable lag at all and he missed the ball only one time due to him aiming too high to hit it, not because of lag.

And, the lag with the camera has been known for ages since the lag is from having to process the video images and not the controller. But, those are all casual games as well.

I do think that the SOCOM 4 gameplay may be a bit awkward for someone to use while sitting since the aiming reticle follows the move controller, which when at center must be pointing directly at the TV. I think I would prefer it if the move controller controlled turning and the reticle remained centered.
Rumor  +   2041d ago
this is great
i love the accuracy of it.

on another note, it really bugs me that the navigation nunchuck has no motion controls. its confusing enough tho to see that in the Kevin Butler from the future video, the guy playin socom throws his hand to throw a grenade, but he has the actual move in his other hand. hmmm??

seen at 1:02

Related video
Hideo_Kojima  +   2041d ago
It wouldnt have been hard to program the camera to pick that up...
With tech seen in Eye Toy.

They could use the location of your face and the move controller to locate your left side. Then when movement is detected above your face going down it could detect you want to through a grenade.

It wouldn't be as precise though.
Christopher  +   2041d ago
***its confusing enough tho to see that in the Kevin Butler from the future video, the guy playin socom throws his hand to throw a grenade, but he ...
It's likely just a button press, he was just asked to act out throwing the grenade.
xabmol  +   2041d ago
"Both the Move and the sub-controller use accelerometers, gyroscopes, and terrestrial magnetic sensors." - Game Informer Magazine
fr0sty  +   2041d ago
pseye is more than capable enough to detect the gesture of your hand throwing a grenade, or signaling your squad, or any number of things you can do with gesture control. it does not require the 3d vision of natal to tell a gesture has been made. gesture based control does not require 1:1 accuracy. zipper has already said they're working on gestures that eye could recognize, like throwing grenades.
UltraNova  +   2041d ago
Thats called trust and confidence on what you promise to deliver, unlike some other companies..
vhero  +   2041d ago
Real people playing with it and no noticeable lag unlike the fanboy above me claims (if there is any its impossible to tell with the naked eye so that's all that counts)No closed booths controlled by MS/Sony where they can be controlled. This is real people and unlike NATAL wince you have the buttons and analogue stick you have a lot more control compared to NATAL there is just some things you cannot do using just your body and a camera!
Rumor  +   2041d ago
oh ok
thanks for clearing that up for me guys :D
Meryl  +   2041d ago
@rumor there is two ways they can do that granade throw, track the hand via ps eye or they could have six-axis in the nunchuck for all you know lol
xabmol  +   2041d ago
xabmol - 15 hours ago
"Both the Move and the sub-controller use accelerometers, gyroscopes, and terrestrial magnetic sensors." - Game Informer Magazine

Game Informer!! The Game Magazine!!! Anyone listening?!
THC CELL  +   2042d ago
we are getting the device (demo station) in work (game) soon i cant wait
Sony hinted to us a fitness game Shhhhhhhhhhhh SHhhhhhhhhhhhhh i will be getting fired

i had a test me self and its a lot better than wii
Jamie Foxx  +   2042d ago
what game you work at? discounts all round ;)
Out of all the motion controllers this definately has the most potential just because it works with casual but is just as comfortable with shooters and driving games

Only thing worryin me is the reported rrp of £100 sonys pricing strategy this gen has been awful...launch ps3,psp go...
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saint_john_paul_ii  +   2042d ago
well if you do get to play it, give us a good preview of it and give us an unbiased opinion of what you think of it. so far from what i am seeing in this vid, the Move is everything i wished the wiimote could of done.

just dont leak anything to us that you're not suppose to, just give us hints without revealing it, ok, LOL.
THC CELL  +   2042d ago
the demo is for the public who comes to the store
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2041d ago
wait at Gamestop in the US?
The Wood  +   2042d ago
not a celeb
in sight;0

....apart from me and jamie that is
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tripewire  +   2042d ago
Which I like.
Omega4  +   2042d ago
If Sony's going after the causal audience shouldn't the games allow for more than one player to play them?

Cuase those causal mini games looked like only one person would be able to play at a time.
THC CELL  +   2042d ago
they are a few games coming where more than 2 people can play

a few diss

Lbp has been shown with 2 player coop
table tennis is 2 player

and trust me they are loads more on the table
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clintos59  +   2042d ago
I already know that move will be the most precise & accurate controller out there but will sony support it & deliver a great gaming expirie...
Not saying sony cant deliver which we all know they can but seeing the small support they had for the eyetoy is the only reason why I ask but I know if sony really pushed there first party studios to make something amazing, I already know that sony's first party studios are very capable of doing so since they have some of the most talented devs in the gaming industry. Hope they show something new at e3.

Also to Omega4 thats why they have updates and firmwares my friend. :)
thereapersson  +   2042d ago
Omega, you moron
MOVE supports more than just one player. Even the table tennis game can have two-player action going on at once:

0:40 seconds in. Watch and actually learn something for once...
TreMillz  +   2041d ago
Omega you fail so much...
The PS Eye can recognize up to 4 moves at a time or 2 moves and 2 subs. There's guarentee to be game that have 4 players on a screen at 1 time. Don't try to BS Sony's attempt, if the Wii has it, why won't the Move have it, after all its like how your clan calls its, a "Wii clone" right?
Baba1906  +   2042d ago
cant wait. allready have a came so i hope the move controller wont be too expensive. but ill get it anyway i think.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2042d ago
well, start by getting the eye now if you want.
Mo0eY  +   2042d ago
Take note, Microsoft and Nintendo. This is how it's done.
Wrathman  +   2042d ago
super LAG confirmed

look at that little cutsie game where u shave that things head.LMAO

i can see a japanese version shave some hentai school girls bush!hahaha

seriously laggy tech and the camera is extremely low res.


now if you'll excuse me,im off to shower my monkey.WOOT!?
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claterz  +   2042d ago
Yes wrathman and you can go play that manly game that microsoft call ricochet, that is what hardcore gamers realy want.
SI7VER  +   2042d ago
@ claterz
I agree with you 1000%!!! What better way of showing off my hardcore gaming skillz is a game of swat the big red ball... Move over SOCOM, I have balls to hit and Milo to play with........


nix  +   2041d ago
kaelix  +   2041d ago
"i can see a japanese version shave some hentai school girls bush!hahaha "
better that than to bust out a pedo status with Milo
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Meryl  +   2041d ago
wrathman super lag confirmed lol, you did not watch the video the ps move had a very small amount of lag but not noticeable enough, enjoy natal when it comes out tho;);)
I hate deluded bots they are so dumb, natal has shown next to nothing and we all know it still lags which why MS is still trying to keep it in closed doors.
Mikelarry  +   2042d ago
wait to get this. finally i can put my ps eye to good use it just sits there doing nothing.
morganfell  +   2042d ago
Just think, you could be in one of those situations where you have to toss your camera and buy a new one...
strickers  +   2041d ago
So true.Even first Eyetoy got more games and action.If it wasn't for photos in Singstar,it wouldn't get used at all.
Silly gameAr  +   2042d ago
Can't wait for Socom 4.
THC CELL  +   2042d ago
there is a hidden game in the trailer that looks to be redwood falls can be seen at 2:01 in this trailer

(looks better than alan wake in move trailer )
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BX81  +   2041d ago
@THC... Sure buddy I didn't think you were serious but then again this is the open zone.
123360  +   2042d ago
i would like to smack them red balls of natal with a move bat,move seems to be the most accurate out there by far.the wi has nothink close to the prescion needed to play the likes of socom,from what i have seen its a must buy for any type of works like it should so far and its still in pre alpha mode
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MaximusPrime  +   2042d ago
looking forward to this.

thanks for video!
Games4M - Rob  +   2042d ago
Im still on the fence SOCOM 4 looks good but its going to depend on the pricing for a full move setup.
jack_burt0n  +   2042d ago
table tennis = win for me tru 2 life controls
Christopher  +   2041d ago
Sad as it is, it's really the only Move game I'm 100% interested in right now. But, that's not enough to get me to buy the controllers, will need a few other good options. The gladiator one might be an option, but depends on the gameplay and overall weapon/combat options available.
R2D2  +   2042d ago
Looking forward to move/LBP
MOVE+LBP= DAY 1 BUY FOR ME : )and thats coming from some one who preffers the 360.
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supersonicsaga  +   2041d ago
I Pray to God for an Ape Escape release the day Move drops.
MajestieBeast  +   2041d ago
I hope that survival horror game they keep showing in the montages is real and we get to see it at e3 same for ape escape.
thehitman  +   2041d ago
Cant wait to test Move
I know it will be priced like a the DS3 and bundled in so Sony might either make the Move bundle $350 or they might drop the ps3 to $250+Move. Im most interested in Socom w/ Move its its hell accurate like a mouse and gives me movement like the DS3 ill be 1 happy gamer. Also hoping EA really gives it full support w/ games like fight night.
Obama  +   2041d ago
Just find it funny that all MS showed (that are real) is the catching red ball game while Sony already showed off a few games.
Wrathman  +   2041d ago
isnt it funnier that MS have showed 1 game and it has more people excited than wot sony has showed on various game.

the people who have showcased MOVE are like 'yea its ok i suppose,where are the toilets?'
Obama  +   2041d ago
Who is exactly excited about that catching red ball game? Thought you have seen videos showing ppl getting bored with the game.
claterz  +   2041d ago
@Wrathman its more about what the developers are saying about them, and atm developers dont seem too excited about natal.
And the reason people are more excited about Natal is because there BS commercial which has little kids screaming to there parents asking them to buy it for them for christmas.
Heartnet  +   2041d ago
i may be looking in wrong place and stuff but their seem to be alot more demoing of the move than there is on Natal..
eckounltd88  +   2041d ago
i was just about to say the same thing :P
I-SEE-YOU  +   2041d ago
As always. Nintendo invent it, Sony perfects it.

Although this is very different to the original idea of the Nintendo Wii motion controller. You can't keep plugging Nintendo every-time Sony Move is mentioned because Sony has gone in their own direction, a better direction.
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tiamat5  +   2041d ago
Now I am really moved. Sony just has to deliver the games and this is my Christmas present for 2010
Meryl  +   2041d ago
there you go next to litlle lag, very precise, so precise it reproduces his mistakes (which he demonstrated to us), now I know wiimote is not this good not even with motion plus, so moove along wiimote ps move here I come
rezzah  +   2040d ago
Sony knows how to show off their product unlike MS...

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