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TheIneffableBob  +   2117d ago
The game seems to have a lot of auto-aim.
The BS Police  +   2117d ago
It doesn't have alot of auto-aim in the traditional sense of games like Goldeneye where the gun or the guns crosshair automatically moves to the enemy player.

What Bungie does utilise alot more though is bullet magnetism which is in place to keep the game consistent due to lag and other network issues. Try playing Halo with every player on the same team and it is virtually unplayable due to the fact that bullet magnetism does not work on teammates.
Mattey  +   2117d ago
ya i think its more like halo 2 in that sense
BX81  +   2117d ago
I'm glad that they implemented some kind of filter for the searching of games. I like to play with decent people not insane pros. This guy seemed pretty good but what I really hate is those kids who are hellish with the sniper rifle. I'm talking head shots every time. This game looks like it's going to be pretty fun. I can't wait to play the campaign.
edhe  +   2117d ago
Yeah let them have their '1337' playlists and can stay away from the rest of us who'd rather have fun.
Stana  +   2117d ago
What's up ..Sheeva!!!
TheSadTruth  +   2117d ago
Auto Aim
Bullet Magnetism
Aim Assist
Slow Movement Speed
Slow Turning Speed
Small FOV
Regenerating Shields

All reasons why Halo is not competitve (still lots of fun)
SuperStrokey1123  +   2117d ago
I know this is alpha footage but i was really really unimpressed from a few things.

Its not pretty to look at at all, in fact im shocked how bad it looks (its super early though so really not an issue yet).

And from what i have heard its going to be super super noob friendly... like talk about hand holding when it tells you where to shoot. Next thing you know it will do the killing for you.

Hope it turns out good though for those peopel who will be getting it.
Kratos Shepherd  +   2117d ago
this game has got such bad graphics!
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