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Meryl  +   2117d ago
next topic how most x360 games are over rated.
monkey602  +   2117d ago
I have Viva Pinata, Very enjoyable game, Love it. The only other game on that list I've played was Blue Dragon and hated it with a passion! The other 3 never really caught my attention
Atelierrorona9  +   2117d ago
old xbox?
name one good game on the old xbox?and please dont say halo and halo2 becaue halo is one of the worse games out there the only game that was worth it on old xbox was shenmue 2 and thats it other then that the old xbox wasn't even worth buying thats why most people bought the ps2 and thats how the ps2 killed the xbox..
playstation_clan  +   2117d ago
you have one game to thank for that
halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo halo
and even gears
Atelierrorona9  +   2117d ago
just a game that ms wants to hype just to fill there pockets with money but really its not worth it..
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Atelierrorona9  +   2117d ago
if you want a game that sells and thats worth it?
try god of war 3 uncharted2 games that has good graphic plus good gameplay and story which blows gears of war out the water..
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