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level 360  +   3134d ago
Big in Japan
If this news/rumor item was ever true, the main reason Microsoft is going to produce a handheld ( XBox ) console is to finally get into the Japanese market where they are a huge success. It's also quite popular on some parts of the globe, but Japan is the one market that would make them very happy.
ChugMonkey  +   3134d ago
Certain sucsess for an 'Xboy' would be...
the ability to WiFi transfer your own XNA built games and apps from your 360 and then share and play them with your friends. This would create a huge software modding scene and expand XBLA enormously. The best could be put on Live for everyone to share.

Having it with built in capacity to play original Xbox games would be a must too and Live anywhere so you could communicate online with Xbox Live friends.

I'm sure it would lead to it's own 'Mini Myspace' functionality.
Shaka2K6  +   3134d ago
After the zune flop?
No and no!
aiphanes  +   3134d ago
Ok if microsoft released a Xbox portable..but how reliable would it be?
The Nintendo DS is very solid piece of hardware and so is the Sony PSP.

We all know sony is going to announce a slimline sony psp at this years E3 or at the latest TGS microsoft might announce a new xbox or zune gamming device...

I welcome them to the party...its only the most logical move for microsoft...

But will the hardware be good?
1ben2  +   3134d ago
GET YOUR MINI TOWELS READY for your handheld devices!!!

hee hee
Apocalypse Shadow  +   3134d ago
it would's that simple.
apple owns mp3.
nintendo owns and have always owned the portable market.
it's lucky sony was able to carve a portion out of the market for themselves when all others have failed.
microsoft would only have american support.and nintendo ds is smoking the market.

they would be dumb to release a portable.
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ben hates you  +   3134d ago
if i had to pick from that picture one of the two on the left
CrazzyMan  +   3134d ago
why anyone would need for 2nd psp - (xbox portable) ?
i mean, we already have ds for casuals and some gamers,
and psp for hardcore gamers.

unless Xportable would give CG graphics on handheld, there is no need of that system on the market.
BIadestarX  +   3134d ago
Who knows... maybe it would be nice to see a handheld focused on games.. and unlike the PSP not designed to introduce UMD as a movie format... which killed the PSP battery life and increase loading time like crazy... mm... weird it almost sound as if Sony used the same strategy... with the PS3... but blu-ray seems to be working for them. The xboy would be nice if developing games for the xboy and the xbox 360 since they are using they same development tools and xna.. would be almost the same.. developers would love it.. If microsoft makes handheld developement vs console developement as transparent as possible... developers will support it. Probably even more than the PSP as least in America. If it comes with to analog sticks.. and not that sucky PSP analog stick... and make FPS playable... yes FPS sucks on the PSP.... it can work..
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andron666  +   3133d ago
Thats funny
I remember a MS executive saying that Sony was unwise to enter the handheld gaming field in competition with Nintendo DS.

If they now want to combat both DS and PSP, then bring on the pain ;)
id dot entity  +   3133d ago
Wouldn't be bad in my opinion. Any competition for Nintendo and Sony is welcome. Gears portable anyone?
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