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ReBurn  +   2152d ago
This is a cool rumor. My PS3 is sorely lacking in Twisted Metal mayhem, so I wish that they would just go ahead and do it. I love me some Twisted Metal!
Agrahim  +   2152d ago
A new Twisted Metal would be cool. Black for the PS2 kicked ***, and played the old Twisted Metal games back in the day.

Off topic: Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else think that in all his interviews David Jaffe come across as a d***?
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Claudinho69  +   2152d ago
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Jackel2072  +   2152d ago
I really dont want another twisted metal. If anything i wish he would make his idea for Heartland. That whole concept sounded really cool. the only down side was, he wanted to make it for PSP...
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