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2FootYard  +   2149d ago
How do they know its triple A yet if it hasn't been reviewed?
iPad  +   2149d ago
Because it's being developed by David Jaffe.
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2149d ago
the same guy that gave us Calling all Cars.
Digitaldude  +   2149d ago
"In the video game industry, AAA game is an informal description for a video game that has a high budget."
Satan The Gamer  +   2149d ago
Because its not on the 360
Foliage  +   2149d ago
I've worked for a Game Publisher the last 4 years. I still find it hilarious that some people think AAA has anything to do with reviews.

Here's a hint: AAA titles have nothing at all to do with reviews, in fact a AAA title can be deemed as such even before production begins.

Stop using sayings and terms that you do not understand.
SOAD  +   2149d ago
"Well the interesting part, is that Collins ends his blurb about his work for Eat Sleep Play with the exclamation “Sweet!”.While that’s defini...
Mountains out of molehills. Well, I'm off to buy groceries. Sweet!
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n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2149d ago
It is like
HHG has infiltrated their site.
presto717  +   2149d ago
Damn it. I miss Sweet Tooth. And what I'd give to kick Calypso's and Moon Buggy's asses again in HD
erathaol  +   2149d ago
I just want to see Grim and his Motorcycle in wonderful HD detail.

DarkTower805  +   2149d ago
If anyone's seen the 5th episode of The Tester, one of the questions is what vehicle does Sweet Tooth drive. Maybe another mountain out of a molehill, but I thought that the timing was interesting on that.
Blaze929  +   2149d ago
AAA this AAA that
That term will soon loose all meaning. What's AAA to a developer/creator could be CCC aka Average in our eyes.
Bereaver  +   2149d ago
Did anyone else notice this?

January 2009 — Present (1 year 3 months)

Concept, Texture, Storyboard artist on unannounced AAA PS3 Title..


//////January 2009? I mean yeah, it doesn't change the fact that it could be twisted metal, but..... damn, that's old.
JasonXE  +   2149d ago
it already has started loosing money. AAA used to me games with enormous budgets and rest assured, after Calling all Cars Jaffe is not working with an enormous budget.
bruddahmanmatt  +   2149d ago
This is seriously starting to get annoying and is beginning to border on lame. If they don't show anything by E3 I officially don't give a flip anymore. I have faith in Jaffe and his crew when it comes to making great games but that don't mean a damn thing if it never sees the light of day. Quit attention whoring with all these weak sauce rumors and release something concrete before no one gives a **** anymore.
Syronicus  +   2149d ago
"it already has started loosing money. AAA used to me games with enormous budgets and rest assured, after Calling all Cars Jaffe is not workin...
If Jaffe is working on another Twisted Metal game, you can bet your bottom dollar that Sony has given him an unlimited budget. It's a make it franchise for the Sony console and they would not pass it up especially to have the original dev making it. If you want to define AAA, then just look at the support Sony offers to the devs making games for their biggest franchises.
vhero  +   2149d ago
wait he said sweet and you think he making a new twisted metal?? Talk about blowing something out of proportion!
sikbeta  +   2149d ago
I don't give a Damn, I just want Twisted Metal PS3, like it or not Jaffe knows best and if This Game IS TM, it'll be EPIC
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zeeshan  +   2149d ago
^ I could smell poop somewhere here and I was beginning to wonder who did it! Shoooo!!! sshoooo... away with you! Be gone... VANISH even!
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MmaFanQc  +   2149d ago
@Blaze929 Cry Moar Plzzz!!
Your Tears Are Delicious!!!
barom  +   2149d ago
PSLS sucks! They have not released any true news in a LONG time. If they do release news they do it in a rush as in the case of GT TV. They are the very reason why gaming journalism has died, getting there first is all that matters regardless of the quality of the content delivered.
Bnet343  +   2149d ago
I saw the Bonus Round today with Jaffe in it and he said they are working on an action game. It was Episode 3 of the Bonus Round.
xTruthx  +   2149d ago
Yeah I saw that 2
xTruthx  +   2149d ago
Kigmal apparently what we saw was a lie cus some 1 disagreed with us lol
Bnet343  +   2149d ago
That's why I said what episode it was, so people can got to the website and watch it themselves if they thought I was lying. I don't care about agrees or disagrees. I've been saying this forever, it doesn't hide your comment or make it grey like joystiq and youtube does, so why does it really matter lol. Don't pay attention to it. :P
Monolith  +   2149d ago
i didnt disagree but twisted metal does have explosive action. Like theyre gonna say its a car combat game, thats a dead give away
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Doomsday  +   2149d ago
Which website?
Which is the website? The Sony website?
xTruthx  +   2149d ago
Its on Game Trailers, the last bonus round they did. Its part 3
DoucheVader  +   2149d ago
Jaffe has been dropping hints for a LONG time now.

Remember this?

I am sure this is just more fodder to play into that. Who knows maybe it was a bluff the whole time, but honestly he would really disappoint some people at this point.
T3mpr1x  +   2149d ago
I remember that, wow that was 2007 too. I think that was too far back to mean anything significant now though...
Theonik  +   2149d ago
Yeah the tittle should have been "Jaffe drops hint for AAA game for the 10th time"
Michael Myers  +   2149d ago
sweettooth you crazy son of a b****H its been too long
A A A all the way, night and day, savage in the grey sky, to die tonight sweettooth give me a ps3 game right now
arabiensoldier  +   2149d ago
OH snap....
I would love another twisted metal, especially now in HD
Lirky  +   2149d ago
Maybe sweet tooth will have his own action-game. That would be interesting a prequel to how he became sweet tooth then this leads to Twister Metal : ---- (Ps3)
Monolith  +   2149d ago
play the ps2 version of headon extra twisted edition and they have a sweettooth god of war type game that was in the works. From what i got from the experience is you break out of jail to get to your car(ice cream truck) break through the gates and then twisted metal starts. so i think they will do it with every character in the game. i cant wait to see what jaffe has cooking for twisted metal.
FwanK  +   2149d ago
What a waste of my time...
Jedward-  +   2149d ago
How do they know its triple A yet if it hasn't been reviewed?
Cause like its on the trey like.
JonnyBigBoss  +   2149d ago
Well that just about solidifies which game they’re making.
mrdxpr2  +   2149d ago
How do they know its triple A yet if it hasn't been reviewed?
cause david jaffe is making it that is all that is need to make it a certified AAA
NJShadow  +   2149d ago
Funny, I know AAA tends to refer to games which have enormous budgets, but either way, I've never been a big fan of the Twisted Metal series and never owned any of the games. They would have to do something incredibly impressive to get me to buy a future iteration.
FragGen  +   2149d ago
This. Twisted Metal series is hyper-overrated.
boysenberry  +   2149d ago
Twisted Metal in HD with online play would be SWEET!
foreverflame  +   2149d ago
Sony lacks originality all they do is bring lame ass franchises like twisted metal from grave since they have run outta of ideas,MS has brought us countless new ips like dead rising,geow,kameo,viva pianta...keep your twisted metal ps3 and shove it up your ass droids.
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2149d ago
When are you hitting the
road with this subtle blend of brashness and bullsh1t....its comedy gold.
Digitaldude  +   2149d ago
Lol MS brought us shooters and... viva pinata.
Sony brought us LBP,Heavy Rain, 3D dot heroes, TLG,GoW3,KZ2 all from different genres.
manna  +   2149d ago
lol wow dude..jst wow...i wont diss u cos i find ur ignorance and stupidity pitiful, i jst feel sad cos u actually and truly believe ur justified in wat u jst said, y dont u actually look something up b4 making random statements like tht...silly 360fanboys and their blind stupidity, gets on my nerves so much......
ghamdikh3  +   2149d ago

Monolith  +   2149d ago
cant believe someone would post such nonsense. sad
dkgshiz  +   2149d ago
That game was terribly average and lame.
happy_gilmore  +   2149d ago
well, PS HOME has twisted metal content coming soon, too
Monolith  +   2149d ago
its already out, well at least in the us ps home. its sweet tooths suit and mr. grimm suit. theyre bad ass too.
palaeomerus  +   2149d ago
Geez. I'm tired of Jaffe trying to be a rockstar based on old Twisted Mteal games and God of War. Especially after he brought us the discontinued "Calling All Cars". He's entering Denis Dyack territory with his nonstop camera chasing and vague hype. At this point he really needs to either crap or get off the pot.

Jaffe, release a game or go away until you have a game to release.
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Digitaldude  +   2149d ago
I gotta agree with you there, sure teasers build the hype but continuous teasers is just ridiculous, not ready then wait, but if you are, show us.
showtimefolks  +   2149d ago
or maybe
keep talking till E3 sony is not dumm enough to release all their games in one year

overtime they will all come

syphon filter

and for those who say they are not TM fan what are you doing here than its for TM or whatever he working on's fans
PS360PCROCKS  +   2149d ago
Too much speculation!
BigMassacre  +   2149d ago
I could have swore...
Wasn't there a teaser for Twisted Metal on PS3 within Twisted Metal Head On: Extra Twisted Edition for PS2? I could have swore that you discover the message within some cut scenes or something.

"When David Jaffe released Twisted Metal Head On: Extra Twisted Edition he promised that there was a hidden message in the game that would reveal the next project for Jaffe's Eat Sleep Play development studio.

Well it may have been "hidden really, really, really well" but you know how hardcore fans can be. A group over at Gamefaqs managed to decipher the message in record time, discovering that it reads: METAL IS COMING ON PSTHREE."
showtimefolks  +   2149d ago
i just want TM and
syphon for ps3 at E3

besides all the other games
NJShadow  +   2149d ago
Oh man, if they announce a new Syphon Filter, I'll be jumping for flippin' joy!
Bravo4  +   2149d ago
I want to see Orbital make a comeback in HD form!
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DJ  +   2149d ago
I really don't see any evidence to suggest this.
Jaffe is probably working on a new IP.
-MD-  +   2149d ago
They're really reaching with this one. I was hoping for something juicy but ending a sentence with "sweet" is a pretty common thing for people to do.

Jaffe does it all the time on his blog too.

I really do hope they're working on Twisted Metal though.
THC CELL  +   2149d ago
man imagine twisted metal with real time damage
i mean bullit holes that will thread ya tires and hitting steam pipes and oil leaks and real time crashing

make the game hardcore woop wop
PS360_37  +   2149d ago
now we are calling games AAA before they are even announced...?
palaeomerus  +   2149d ago
AAA essentially means that a lot of money is being spent on making and marketing a game. It has nothing to do with quality, critical reception, or how fans like it. It is not like a blue ribbon for best game. Now AAA games may TEND to be the games that people and critics like but AAA is not a score or guarantee of quality.

So yeah AAA games are ALWAYS known before they are announced because game devs and publishers need to figure out what they are willing to spend LONG BEFORE they tell the press and prospective consumers about it.
PS360_37  +   2149d ago
I guess you learn something new every day thanks. Bubbles.
unworthyBOZO  +   2149d ago
Sweet can't wait.
divideby0  +   2149d ago
I want extended back drop stories on all the characters.
poontab  +   2149d ago
So is this 3 straight years of "hints"? Care to make a bet on 4?
DarkSpawnClone  +   2149d ago
i like the old sweet tooth better not the newer one in the pic(from black) lol
DarkBlood  +   2149d ago
d@mn i haven't played a twisted metal game since the ps1 days 2 and 4 was crazy fun and the music fit perfectly for each stage it was fun exploring as well

may just get twisted metal 2 on psn for to remeber the good ol days of playing it
swansong  +   2149d ago
Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal really isn't all that.To each his own though. I would love to see a remake of a classic game like Zombies Ate My Neighbors.
rivithed  +   2149d ago
Here's another SWEET reference, from Eat Sleep Play's tweet -
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