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Mr_Bun  +   1996d ago
What a waste of time....Just clear the game once, and use one of the items that unlock like the infinite rage or magic.
Hanif-876  +   1996d ago
This isn't a glitch if you really think about it!
butterfinger  +   1996d ago
Have you beaten the game...
Mr. Bun? If you did, you would know that using the costumes/items disables trophies. This really isn't that hard to do, though.
Mr_Bun  +   1996d ago
Nope, haven't beaten the game yet. I wasn't aware that you couldn't use the costumes to attain trophies like you could in the previous GoW games.

Either way, I would argue that this isn't the most exhilarating way to spend 20 minutes in this game
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FishCake9T4  +   1996d ago
LOL At the "20 Minutes Later"
TotalPS3Fanboy  +   1996d ago
1000 hit combo is nothing for Kratos.
ThanatosDMC  +   1996d ago
Pfft... i was able to do over 9000!
Convas  +   1996d ago
LIES!!! I've barely even reach the 200 hit mark :( none of my buddies have gotten anywhere higher than that either.
deathbetold  +   1996d ago
@ Clizzz -
its not hard getting above 250 300 in normal mode . havent made it past that thought and i use l1+ square non stop
Biggest  +   1996d ago
The 9000 comment is a running funny. You missed it.
CryofSilence  +   1996d ago
@ Clizzz
He was referring to this viral DBZ quote.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   1996d ago
That certainly kills the excitement.
I'll attempt a 1000 hit combo the professional/ skillful way, not some boring, cheap, noobish trick! dammit! I will not make Kratos stoop to such a low level just to get a useless trophy...

Hmmm.. I'm gonna try a 1000 hit combo when fighting those medusa snake chicks, since its really easy to do air juggles with them...
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1996d ago

You didn't understand the joke from Thanatos. Is related with:

By the way, here you can see to get 1000 Hits in less than 5 Minutes:
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Kratos Spartan  +   1996d ago
I've got a 1493 hit combo in GOW II, so I know this is possible
nbsmatambo  +   1996d ago
it would have sucked if he missed the grapple @ 999 hits
ThanatosDMC  +   1996d ago
@ Clizzz
It's actually this one:

It's garnered 6 million+ views. People in youtube have a lot more time in their hands than we do.
Convas  +   1996d ago
Hey guys thanks ...
... but I've been around the block a few times, and I was trying to be funny. Half the neighborhood came out trying to help me across the street. Sheesh.
Voltago  +   1996d ago
this game rocks
don't care about the glitch, I simply love the game
joydestroy  +   1996d ago
i'm with you on that. it's so beautiful and the gameplay is epicness
athlon770  +   1996d ago
I have mine in hand (pre-order from Amazon) but I have yet to open it, still working on FF13. But I do not think I can hold off much longer, will tear into it tonight. I was trying not to break it open till ff was further along (didn't want to dis ff ya know). Anyway, I should not have come in here today because reading all the posts have lit the fires. FF be darned, I want my Kratos!
movements  +   1996d ago
Now that's serious business lol.
butterfinger  +   1996d ago
imagine this thing failing after 900 hits or so! That would so much time and effort wasted! Lol.
Alcon Caper  +   1996d ago
da305kratos  +   1996d ago
lol thanks for saying that
I needed a good laugh on this rainy day :)
LittleBigSackBoy  +   1996d ago
It's 2010...but w/e
lovestospoodge  +   1996d ago
that is a very valid point, oh well, we're not all perfect, but at least we are privileged enough to play this masterpiece!
Alcon Caper  +   1996d ago
hgaha, i got the year wrong! 2010!!!
corneliuscrust  +   1996d ago
the game
even glitched your comment!~

burn it! damn you kratosssss!!!!
Alcon Caper  +   1996d ago
thehitman  +   1996d ago
"Trophy Unlocked Hitman"

I about to go pick up my copy today just got paid today picking up GoW3 and FF but ill beat gow3 first then head over to ff. Ill be sure to do this 1k hit combo will probably add a 30-45min to my game time though lol.
DaTruth  +   1996d ago
You better! I got far enough into FF13 that I have to switch back and forth! Both are amazing games!

Worst part is, we are having the most beautiful weather we've had for months!
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thehitman  +   1996d ago
yesterday was amazing felt like spring day, but man cant wait get my hands on game in 4hrs from now lol got to go to my college classes I probably skip this class if wasnt for physics test.
blasian  +   1996d ago
so doin it... i cant believe its only bronze tho... atleast silver
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thehitman  +   1996d ago
they probably
purposely made it so you can do this reason why 1k hit combo is only a bronze since take no skill to do this just need be smart lol.
butterfinger  +   1996d ago
That is...
what I was thinking, Hitman. It seemed rather odd for this to be a bronze trophy at first, but now it makes perfect sense.
DaTruth  +   1996d ago
I ran up a two hundred hit combo pretty easily in the beginning of the game on the Hell Hounds!
divideby0  +   1996d ago
I file this under someone has no life to stand in a corner for 20 mins and hit the same button...geez....this is scary
FACTUAL evidence  +   1995d ago
so having "free time" means people who would actually do this have no life? Love the logic there. BTW I'm going to try this right's 2:33 AM.
BigKev45  +   1996d ago
As great as the game looks it will come and go.
2FootYard  +   1996d ago
This game f***ing sucks.
ELite_Ghost  +   1996d ago
not as much as you suck poon

therefore 0 babe ;)...
2FootYard  +   1996d ago
I would rather suck bigfoot's d*** than play this garbage so you're partially correct.
damnightmare  +   1996d ago
A new breed of troll has emerged

Shame it's just as bad as the others
ELite_Ghost  +   1996d ago
im gonna bring gow 3 and big foot and I want to see you gargle on that d1ck, u will puke baby !
butterfinger  +   1996d ago
I'm not sure...
if I'm more disturbed by the fact that Ghost Mutation would rather suck d!ck than play a video game, or the fact that Elite Ghost wants to watch him suck d!ck.
The_Beast  +   1996d ago
hm wtf
i would just use the claws of hades.
butterfinger  +   1996d ago
At this point...
in the game, you don't have the Claws of Hades, but using them at the Pit of Tartarus is definitely the faster way.
quiddd  +   1996d ago
Think about it ...........
Not a glitch in any way. Would there be a trophy to accomplish that feat if it was a glitch?
shadow2797  +   1996d ago
If you had watched the video...

You would have realized that they get the trophy by getting Kratos stuck in a wall. That's a glitch.
xAlmostPro  +   1996d ago
if you re-watch it, hes attacking an enemy/creature thats there, but it doesnt die, allowing you to hit it unlimited times
wicked  +   1996d ago
Watching through the chain of the light wasn't very impressive, can you not change the camera angle?
The_Zeitgeist  +   1996d ago
Hmmm... I guess cheating once isn't so bad. It is a gold trophy after all.
butterfinger  +   1996d ago
it's actually a bronze trophy.
XxThe-RemedyXx  +   1996d ago

And it will be remembered as one of the greatest games of all time, nice try though.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1996d ago
Forget combos let's talk gameplay and graphics!! That opening sequence was BEYOND bad ass
butterfinger  +   1996d ago
For anyone that is going to do this:
Apparently you just hold down L1 and O, so don't just button mash for 20 straight minutes. lol.
butterfinger  +   1996d ago
I went ahead...
and did it to confirm that it works, and it certainly does. It takes almost exactly 25 minutes (not 20), and you simply hold L1 and O the entire time (or tape the buttons down). It unlocked the trophy without a problem. :)
jay2  +   1996d ago
PMSL bronze trophy for that, nah thanks.
KillerPwned  +   1996d ago
This is off topic did anyone get a email about the costume u get for preordering it from gamestop.
butterfinger  +   1996d ago
Are you talking...
about after you put the code in on the website? I beat the game yesterday, put the code in on the site they direct you to, and I haven't heard anything from Sony in my email yet. I don't see why we couldn't just put the code in on the Store like we normally do.
XxThe-RemedyXx  +   1996d ago
I did.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1996d ago
A way to get the Trophy less than 5 Minutes
1000 Hits in less than 5 Minutes:
butterfinger  +   1996d ago
that was in the strategy guides and on every other website.
rajman  +   1996d ago
haha indeed...thanks for posting my video xD
Draedalus  +   1996d ago
Where is this location?
decimalator  +   1995d ago
Hades, after you meet the dude with the Bow. I forget his name. He asks you to free him and he will give you his bow.
BannedForNineYears  +   1996d ago
That would be a pain....O.o
gapecanpie  +   1996d ago
God of war OR Glitch of war?

PS3... It only does glitches
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Scottyabanks  +   1996d ago
i can imagine starring at the screen drooling, mindlessly pressing triangle somewhere around 700.
TheGuardianFID  +   1996d ago
Been there Done that,
but I got over 1000 a different way, I fought for it!!! >:(
bobrea  +   1996d ago
I've been trying this and the most I can get is 20 before Kratos falls down...
Michael-Jackson  +   1995d ago
"...suck bigfoot's d*** than play this garbage"

really??? realistically you won't...What a stupid comment.
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decimalator  +   1995d ago
There used to be a user-controlled camera, but it angered Kratos and he destroyed it.

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