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lociefer   1590d ago | Off topic | show
divideby0  +   1590d ago
looking for another game of this type...I have been replaying Guild Wars...this game looks good
juniordee  +   1590d ago
Thanks for the key!
mcmmaster  +   1590d ago
thanks for the key, but I'm slightly confused, after typing the code in, it comes up saying congratulations,you have activated your beta key for heroes of three kingdoms, what do I do now to download it
Cat  +   1590d ago
No worries!

"The Closed Beta is set for April, 2010. Getting your key now will guarantee your spot."

divideby0  +   1590d ago
kudos for the key.....
ShadyDevil   1590d ago | Spam
fady2hotty  +   1590d ago
Thanks N4G for the key.
NocturnalDemise  +   1590d ago
Rock on!
Always thought this story would make a sweet MMO.

Thanks for the key! N4G4L! :P
c0nnnn  +   1590d ago
will this be out for mac?
nerm2k  +   1590d ago
Been waiting for a game like this. I love these historical chinese games. Cao Cao is an asshole and I would love to take him down mmo style. except for in kessen II. Then cao cao was the man. And also in romance of the three kingdoms he was cool too.
Yawnier  +   1590d ago
Yeah :P. Not much of a Wei fan.

I'm gonna be Shu, always been my favorite kingdom. (Zhuge Liang ftw).
cyguration  +   1590d ago
Never heard of...
Red Cliff?
FLOWCity  +   1589d ago
pennabob312  +   1572d ago
i want to download Q_Q
can someone help me pls??
i have the key ,but i dont know where to download 'heores of 3 kingdoms' >..<
pennabob312  +   1572d ago
where could i can download this game???

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