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ABizzel1  +   1847d ago
I completely agree with everything you said. I love the Resistance Franchise as well, and simply combining R1 and R2 should produce a great game. I hope they bring back all the vehicles, weapons as well as include them in multiplayer or at least have a mode with vehicles in it.

Resistance could have easily been Sony's Halo, but Insomniac is spread thin, by making a Rachet and Resistance every year. But I can't wait for R3.
labaronx  +   1847d ago
Very Nice!!!!
You hit the nail right on the head. Resistance 3 has the chance to become a truly epic game by all measures
socomnick  +   1847d ago
They should just cancel this franchise, its so unoriginal and uninspired. I swear its almost like Insomniac can't develop a good game no matter how hard they try.
baum  +   1847d ago
Halo is original and inspired. /s
WLPowell  +   1847d ago
You find another gun like the auger...
But yeah, Resistance is the game that should stop being made. Kinda like KZ2 was a total waste of time, amirite?
Cajun Chicken  +   1846d ago
The Bullseye and the Auger are awesome.
unrealgamer58  +   1846d ago

go do you're job

anyway, cajun i really thought r1 was superb in it's story telling and original in it's gameplay ( well as original as a fpc could be), art style, etc.
Cajun Chicken  +   1847d ago
Whoa whoa. I forgot to mention that Resistance 3 should have REAL splitscreen campaign co-op.
ShiNe-Box-  +   1847d ago
nice read
I'm a huge Insomniac fan.

They've produced nothing but AAA quality games this gen.

R2 was a phenomenal game that just lacked a tiny bit of polish.

As for R3, I'm sure they'll include the Blade Dicer, Cajun.
Hatemaker  +   1846d ago
I agree with most your points. However, while R2 may not have been the best it could have been, it was still a very good game nonetheless and R3 will most definitely be much better. As you rightly mentioned, R2 hit a rough patch when KZ2 came out. I remember being on the Beta Resistance forums and on KZ2 release day, there was an eerie silence, many ditched R2 for KZ2. I on the other hand actually stuck mostly with R2 but one thing that truly got on my nerves was the 10K trophy. I worked hard at getting all the trophies and am now 1 away from plat (don't play R2 anymore)
bobrea  +   1846d ago
I like the Resistance games but I really don't see R3 being anything besides average like the other two games.
MajestieBeast  +   1846d ago
I just finished resistance 2 so its fresh in my memory. I think the only thing they did better in 2 was coop and multiplayer in the rest rfom was better bring rfoms health system back it was way better then that mw sh!t in 2. It was frustrating at point and lvl design could have been alot better. But with the ending of 2 how are they gonna start 3.
Cajun Chicken  +   1846d ago

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