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DeviateFish  +   2094d ago
I actually like reading reviews of older-than-just-released games.
Other than that, good blog post.
Digitaldude  +   2091d ago
I agree not sure about old reviews either.
However my main thing I want is a section that only has official announcements, separating the opinions pieces to the facts.
Also somehow punish the rabid ranboys eg bungie and all his accounts, purposely not trying to add anything to the conversation.
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DanCrabtree  +   2091d ago
I second phnax. Some real solid points, but I don't mind a little retro gaming now and then.
creamydingle  +   2092d ago
Dude I don't want N4G to change at all. The reason why I come to this site is to read the comments on the flamebait articles. I love seeing the fanboys going at each other and seeing how stupid they are. This site thrives on the xbots and SDF if you cleaned up the site to much you would lose 70 to 80 percent of the users. I say leave it the way it is and enjoy it the way its meant to be enjoyed FLAME ON fanboys.
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LordMarius  +   2092d ago
i second that.

N4G is perfect the way it is, sure more active mods would be helpful and the forums should be more active(maybe a redesign) but thats about it. This place is a jungle, you can not have order.
Cold 2000  +   2092d ago
"People like Bungie or Saaking can be one and only person even though their opinion is radically different. But they put so much effort to be ridiculous in their propaganda it simply cannot be possible they don't do it deliberately."

You got it right for Bungie but believe it or not Saaking isnt playing a role. He is as serious as serious can be.
Jinxstar  +   2092d ago
"A veto must exist"

I like the idea but... It wouldn't matter. Because people would saveall their vetos for the best articles. Like Sony explaining why God of War 3 is only possible on the PS3 or why Halo Reach is only possible on the 360... So lets say I veto'd one of those for some reason. Some no name site would take the info and paste it on their site and submit it here as news... Now my veto is gone and thats it...
Active and more strict moderating as well as the deletion of the open zone is all the site really needs. Comments go in one place, and get deleted in one place. No fanboy venting anywhere except for their blogs.

A neat addition to the heavier moderating would be:

Fresh accounts should start off with a temporary bubble cap so the people who repeatedly create new accounts just to flame the comments sections over and over will have to go through hurdles to consistently troll and evade the mods (run-on sentence *PHEW*). Anyone making variant trolling accounts can have their minimized bubble count popped and they'd be silenced instantly. Then banned if need be.
Jinxstar  +   2092d ago
Or they should do only 1 account per IP address...
That....would also work! hahaha.

Some people might have a change of heart though! Surely perma-ban is a bit much?!
Jinxstar  +   2091d ago
If they get perma banned they just make a new account... So 1 account per IP address but no perma banning. Just 1 month or so at a time...
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2091d ago
So myself and my 3 brothers cant have individual accounts and individual thoughts? 1 Account per IP prevents families from participating.
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Jinxstar  +   2091d ago
Well heck man. there is no easy solution for this. I mean you could charge people 5 dollar per account one time fee and then block them off their credit cards or something... Sure some people are gonna get screwed. If you get sent to the open zone or "Banned" then it's another 5$ to come back to the open zone. That would keep everything civil... There is no easy solution. If your brothers had to share an account then so be it. In the end it would be better for the overall population of the site as opposed to letting bungie have 12 different accounts.
El_Colombiano  +   2091d ago
Paying for N4G? Never. I strongly disagree with the only one account per I.P.

Just ban I.P addresses for trolling. Let a user have a million accounts but the second he or she begins to troll, ban the I.P from signing into any account. Only allow a guest statues so they can still view N4G.
Jinxstar  +   2091d ago
That works too. I like that idea. Then the above poster could only blame his brothers for being numbskulls.
TrailerParkSupervisr  +   2092d ago
Banish to open zone.
Make it a 3 strikes (and us IP address, not handle).

3 times you post flaimbait in the Gamer Zone and you (your IP) is now NOT allowed to post in the Gamer Zone for, say, 30 days.

I agree it is quite funny to read some of the flame war comments but when a good story comes along and I might have some legitimate questions or comments and want feedback a la thread posters, it is immpossible to get a "normal" answer. I have to PM people that I think are knowledgeable and it feels intrusive.

So, make a fanboy comment in the Gamer Zone and you are sent to the jungle just like Snake Pliskin in Escape From New York.
UltimateSin  +   2092d ago
Gotta disagree with you on the Forums. While yes, they are random, people to frequent them quite a bit.
The Dixie Flatline  +   2091d ago
Why don't they just start new accounts off in the open zone only for X amount of time and/or X amount of posts. You could also limit bubble giving/taking privileges, and approvals/reports of articles while this account is under "probation." Then the account user could petition the moderators to be allowed to the gamer zone. I agree with TrailerParkSupervisr about the three strikes; three written warnings could be given and you are permabanned into the open zone and privileges revoked.
The problem I personally have with limiting or banning an IP address is that you might accidentally end up banning someone who is innocent. The main issue is that there might be users living at the same house that have separate accounts. Plus there are ways to hide or disguise your IP address let alone going to another internet connection, i.e. a coffee house and such.
The bottom line, however, is that flamebait and controversy brings more web traffic to the site, which = $$$ for N4G.

Just my 2 cents.
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thereapersson  +   2091d ago
N4G really needs the ability to IP ban people
People like Bungie and his 10+ multiple accounts are a HUGE nuisance around N4G.

This won't happen, though. I remember speaking to Catastrophe about why N4G doesn't IP ban people, and she gave quite a good reason (the likes of which I cannot recall at this moment, unfortunately).
Sangria  +   2091d ago
There are two reasons why IP banning is a bad idea:
- First because you may bann an innocent. If you have a network in your house that shares your connection with several computers, then IP banning one of the computers of that network means banning every other ones (because they share the same IP - not local IP - ). So if for example you have a brother that browse N4G as well, if he is IP banned that means you are IP banned as well.

- Secondly because IPs are in majority dynamic. If you get IP banned, then you just have to restart your router and you'll obtain a new IP, unless your ISP gave you a fix IP (I don't know if it's widespread but I doubt many ISPs still do that).

So globally IP banning can easily be bypassed and it may involve "innocent" people, that's why it's never the best solution to get rid of someone.
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   2091d ago
N4G is great the way it is...
Without Rando the forums would

please stop the bashing... of the site...
Cajun Chicken  +   2091d ago
I'd like to think I've fully absorbed into N4G these days, been constantly visiting this site nearly everyday for 2 years. I find it's a great place to speak with people passionate about videogames, I just wish it were easier to network, maybe like Facebook.
I always check my list of comments just to see if anyones replied, I'm like that.

I totally agree with the reviews of games over an amount of time to keep credibility. HOWEVER, I think the 'user reviews' section should be expanded upon.

I also hate the idea of blogs trickling in more and more, people that don't even own their own domain name. I could, if I wanted to send a free template based blog and submit it to N4G. But I don't. I post on the user blogs I think those blog submitters to N4G should do the same, or at least get a bit of credibility with a cheap domain name.

I do agree with the majority of the stuff listed, but N4G at the moment does what it's supposed to do; it tells me all the latest gaming industry news (something I know FAR too much about for some odd reason) and as a bonus I get to speak with people who like games the same as me.
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Hakimy  +   2091d ago
there is also a problem with the bubbles system.for example,there was a certain topic from a blog and it was fanboyish.most fanboys agreed with it,but those who disagreed with it,they lost a bubble! I mean wtf? so I disagree with an article and I write my opinion without being a fanboy or insulting anyone only to lose a bubble? and what's even funnier is that you lose a bubble from the people who own the same console as you! you either write one sentence like "great read" and you get 30 agrees and bubbles,or you disagree with the article and show reasonable reasons,only to get disagrees and lose bubbles.this encourage people to act as fanboys and make others feel kinda worried about writing something oppose to what fanboys's like "you either with us or against us!" :P
Hoggy1983  +   2091d ago
N4G has one face...

Now, I don't completely have a problem with this. In truth, the passion of the fanboys can really make the site a energetic place to be and its good to have irrational fanboyism sometimes mixed in.

whilst I like to dip into the current format I'd really N4G to create a area where I can have healthy discussions about games. There doesn't seem to be any conviction behind "gamer zone" and "open zone" at present.

At the moment its just a popular place which therefore draws those who shout alot rather than listen.
Aomizuchi  +   2090d ago
This is just a silly rant, N4G is perfect the way it is.
macalatus  +   2090d ago
Sorry Sangria but personally I believe that your head is completely filled with bull when it comes to Randomicity. What is funnier is that your description of how Rando works in relation to the forums is contradictory. First, you said that Rando is a thread where people can post whatever crap that they may have, only to have a few people care about. So, if Rando thread is a place that most people don't even care, then how the hell would it detract most other people's attention away from the general forums?

It's funny people like you bash Rando for making people less interested in the forums when there is an off-site, so-called "N4G Chatroom" who like to advertise itself as "where the people would rather hang-out" instead of participating in the forums. How about this dummy...go check the forum post history of Fat Man, Polluted, Drudog, or even me and see if we made posts in other threads. As a matter of fact, you'll even see that we make the most posts in other threads compared to anyone else. Last but not least, does your little pea brain believe that if Rando disappears the forum is magically going to be active or the Chatgoers would suddenly participate in the forums? No...I don't think it would happen.

Drithe  +   2090d ago
Hey whiner.
If you dont like how it is run go ruin another site or make YOUR OWN SITE! Complete freedom to express how you feel is awesome here and the general public tends to oust to arseholes that come and go.


End of Line.
dalibor  +   2090d ago
Good read. My best solution for all the fanboy jibberish that goes on in N4g(let alone all the other gaming websites for that matter) is just ignore or aviod them. Don't let it phase you.
Idle h4nds  +   2090d ago
Get off your high horse
wow this sangria guy is on a high horse.. wth would he care about rando? hell half the time any forum posts that get answered are by people who frequent rando so his theory of killing rando would save the forum is moot bc rando is saving the forum already.

Ya know what scratch that the forums are happy and healthy if you don't like them then kindly STFU and GTFO bc I believe they are fine the way they are.

Look at any forum topic and I'm sure that many of the replies are from people who frequent randomicity.
FuzzyPixels  +   2090d ago
Some good points, but keep the fanboys...they're funny as hell!
I agree with some of Sangria's larger points. Approvals are certainly an issue, especially for smaller sites and blogs.

I'd like to see some clearer classifications for some of the reports, but I disagree with your point that they should be made anonymous. 'Lame' is, quite frankly, absurd, and should not be listed as a report. Criticise the article once it's up by all means, but shooting it whilst it's down for being 'lame' opens the system up to widespread abuse. But at least you can see who's behind the report...there's a certain sense of honesty in that which is appreciated.

I disagree with all of the stuff about IP banning, separating out fanboy comments and the rest. What if there's a house share, or if you ban an innocent, just hire some active mods! Fanboyism is irritating, and yes the Gamer Zone does have instructions telling people to act in a mature and respectful manner...but it's also hilarious. If N4G don't have a huge problem with it at the moment, neither do I. N4G gives me a good daily chuckle with some of it's less highbrow banter :D
Jikla  +   2089d ago
IP banning
IP banning should only be considered for people who spoil games. Just these 2 weeks I've had 2 games spoiled for me. And I'm kinda pissed about it...
blue7xx7  +   2085d ago
Yeah I agree unfortunately like you said this is "Fanboy land" and most fanboys like the comments above apparently don't want it to change because where else would they go and fight with other stupid fanboys. But I honestly don't care about moderating the comment section or forums since both are really easy to ignore all I care is about the news.

But yes I agree with practically the whole thing especially diving the pending section into specific sections and blacklisting certain websites. Also Gamers and trainee should not be able to report a story. But I doubt the admins or mods will change it they don't seem to eager to do it. It's sad because N4G is a great website at least the concept is where you can go and get all the news in one place as oppose to visiting many websites. But the community is one thing that ruins.
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tobebech  +   2079d ago
I never visited N4G when i wanted any serious debate anyways, this site is full of fanboys, and it is the only reason it is so successful.
sid4gamerfreak  +   2079d ago
N4G is completely plagued with the most ignorant foolish ps3 fanboys there is. They're actually making the PS3 look bad, instead of the opposite.

Good post, keep it up, atleast there r some ppl out there who know how low the n4g community is actually falling

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