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davethedj  +   2166d ago
its time!
its 9 pm!
MajesticBeast  +   2166d ago
Its socom 4 check the euro blog.
jjesso1993  +   2166d ago
its 5 past 8 i want to know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow SOCOM 4 sounds amazing but theres realse date !
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ISKREEM  +   2166d ago
It's SOCOM. At least it's being developed by Zipper this time around.
Arkham  +   2166d ago
...And SOCOM 4 spoils the day!
Foliage  +   2166d ago
Zipper making Socom is freaking huge. The console multiplayer kings are back working on the Socom franchise. Freaking awesome.
Ryuha1234h  +   2166d ago
The anouncement is Socom 4.
gtamike123  +   2166d ago
nooo >.>
cobraagent  +   2166d ago
The hell I wasted 1 hour of my life waiting for a game thal i would never play. The hell Sony. The hell
ISKREEM  +   2166d ago
Blame Geoff for that.
lars2thev  +   2166d ago
Hell yeah, it's SOCOM!
PS360PCROCKS  +   2166d ago
socom? oh...looks good. I dunno though, I'm kind of over shooting stuff at this point haha.
xyxzor  +   2166d ago
Weren't we also suppose to get some info on a new game on friday too.
aussieracer  +   2166d ago
SOCOM!? Did we really need hype for this? What crap.
emd20002001  +   2166d ago
OMG Zone of The Enders 3 will be more than amazing...... ppppplllllleeeeaaaasssseeee Sony
ATi_Elite  +   2166d ago
SOCOM hell yehand it's in early development but it looks like it will dethrone God of War 3 for best Graphics.

The PS3 is unstoppable (except next to my Gaming PC)
N4BmpS  +   2166d ago
It is SOCCOM 4 a few other sites are reporting it now. go to G4 it' coming in the fall
Phane  +   2166d ago
North America Gran Turismo release date Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ybarra1985   2166d ago | Spam
CrimsonFox13  +   2166d ago
F*ck yeah! SOCOM!!! Hell f*cking yes!!!
equax  +   2166d ago
Socom does not seem very appealing to me, not really a fan of TPS. I can always give it a shot though.
nan0  +   2166d ago
Wow. Nobody guessed it and I know why. That game always seemed pretty weak. I love graphics but great graphics won't make me just fall in love with any game.

SOCOM always felt like a Ghost Recon or MOH based game. It's run into the ground I want something better.

Ravenger  +   2166d ago
I was really hoping for Twisted Metal or Syphon Filter
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2166d ago
It's Socom or is not Socom related?
DirtyLary  +   2165d ago
Called it! But it's too soon. MAG is barely out a month.
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