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NnT3291  +   1972d ago
Twisted Metal please
DocHoliday  +   1972d ago
Uncharted 3?
I do hope it is Socom 4 though. Confrontation sucked, we need a new socom now!
chisox100  +   1972d ago
too early for a Socom 4, Slant6 just made a game and so did Zipper so its not going to be for a while.

So I'm confused on what time this is at. Could someone please tell me what time it will happen for a person living in the US Central Time Zone?
mrbillybadass  +   1972d ago
chiso? socom confrontation came out in 2008...
and its been rumored that zipper has been developing socom 4 for 3 or so years now...announcement is incoming soon...was hoping it'd be that tonight but netherlands...has to be killzone 3
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DirtyLary  +   1972d ago
But Zipper already stated they have 2+ years development into S4.

I'm sure will see it at E3. When the MAG hype is over, S4 teaser time!
Legionaire2005  +   1972d ago
yes it is socom 4 your wish has come true
nuff said
TwistedMetal  +   1972d ago
Warhawk is the most epic online game ever.
I mean it has freaking jets, drop ships, apc transport vehicles, tanks, jet packs, jeeps, mini turrrets, missle turrets, flak turets, huge envioronments, 32 players and tons of ground troop wepons. Its is just sick to have warhawks flying at you while you running around on the ground takieng them out like bruce wilis in die hard 4 lol. Starhawk will blow everything away as far as epic fast pace fun as heck online multiplayer. Nothing else comes close. Also lol at halo finally getting jet packs when warhawk had them for years.
jack_burt0n  +   1972d ago
It is, I just hope they capture the feel of colony wars as well for us fans of that franchise its been a long time waiting for it, that merging with warhawk has some massive possibilities!!!!
kingpukka  +   1972d ago
Kingdom Hearts for ps3
TheHater  +   1972d ago
slowly unzip my pants :)
AssassinHD  +   1972d ago
If you are going to use a 24 hour clock then it is not necessary to specify that it is P.M. I know I am wasting comment space by stating that, but that just irks me.

Edit: I see there is an update apologizing for the title, so just disregard my comment.

Edit2: On a completely unrelated note, I also hate hearing people say "general consensus". That just drives me up the wall.

Edit3: I see now the title itself has been changed.
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Ghostbob  +   1972d ago
I hope it's Zone of enders.
prettyboy1  +   1972d ago
Ghostbob  +   1972d ago
Zone of enders 3
farrelljade  +   1972d ago
dutch time??????
holland = guerilla games = killzone 3!!... CHACHING!!!!
-Gespenst-  +   1972d ago
I couldn't care less about Starhawk. Never played Warhawk, never thought it looked very good, and it wouldn't really be much of a surprise. We all know it's in development.

For it to qualify as a surprise it would have to be something like Syphon Filter, MediEvil, Crash Bandicoot, Klonoa, Tomba, Wipeout or Tenchu.
AssassinHD  +   1972d ago
I would love to see another Tenchu game. Wrath of Heaven quality mind you, not Tenchu Z.
None surpassed the original IMO. Big fan of the first one, didn't care much for the rest of them.

Tenchu Z needs to be erased from existence though, I can't believe they even released that thing.
divideby0  +   1972d ago
as soon as I can pick up a 3D 24" monitor...gonna hook the 2nd PS3 up to it for some 3D gaming in the den....
archemides518  +   1972d ago
i just hope it ain't nothing stupid...
which it probably is, why reveal out of nowhere

unless it's to counter the "massive" halo reach trailer, which to me was whatever...strictly for the halo freeks
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dkgshiz  +   1972d ago
Today is the PS2s birthday. Its 10 years old. It kind of makes sense really.
W831SOLIDSNAKE  +   1972d ago
Everyone has got to check this sh!t out lol
chidori666  +   1972d ago
another exclusive for ps3 and 360 still only halo reach exclusive this year.. :/
Das_Bastardion  +   1972d ago
That's not true
The xbox also have Alan Wake, and that's gonna be a good game too, at least i hope so, i dont want to suffer another Too Human disappointment
azazin  +   1972d ago
Even though I prefer the PS3 over the Xbox 360, I don't see why people are disagreeing with Das_Bastardion. What did he say that you had to disagree with?

arakouftaian  +   1972d ago
Some PS3 fanboys loves to act like lil 13y/o fat spoil xbox fanboys
some like me and knows xbox has few games
but they just making fun on the xbox fanboys who loves to say
PS3 has no games back in the 2006 and 2007
I remember xbox fanboys loves saying that stupid same words to
GiantEnemyCrab  +   1972d ago
I'm calling it now... Sly Cooper 4
That would totally ruin the excitement for me.. Others might be more happy to hear about a new Sly Cooper, I hear people enjoyed it.

It could be anything though..
genkis300  +   1972d ago
ok it must be a new title, so its SHENMUE 3 :)
stuntman_mike  +   1972d ago
i hope its something totally new (but i think it will be a big let down)
Too bad it's not a new Legend of Dragoon.
NYC_Gamer  +   1972d ago
i hope its the getaway3
lynchjuk  +   1972d ago
I hope
I Hope its Shenmue 3 :-)
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XBOX360 HAS NO GAMES  +   1972d ago
Sick of all these FPS
We need some TPS I hope it's Syphon Filter for ps3 or Socom maked by Zipper
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DigitalHorror81  +   1972d ago
I really want an RTS! :o)
JonnyBigBoss  +   1972d ago
Strange day to announce a new game, but I'll take it!
Hotel_Moscow  +   1972d ago
8pm what eastern
Perkel  +   1972d ago
Killzone 3 ?? Developer match with nationality but it's 10 years of PS2 ... And killzone wasn't that hyped then...

Maybe... BLACK 2 !!!!!! (still doesn't sum up ;) )
lars2thev  +   1972d ago
HAHA BLACK 2, how can you ever mention that game :P
outwar6010  +   1972d ago
new ninja game
no its shadow steps a new ultra realistic ip owned by sony
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Ma1nframe  +   1972d ago
Its Killzone 3(D)
Killzone 3...3D that is..

Grown Folks Talk  +   1972d ago
Parasite Eve 3.
Arkham  +   1972d ago
I'd love to see that!
Grown Folks Talk  +   1971d ago
No go I see.
Wouldn't mind another Overblood or even Fear Effect. A new Flashback from the Sega Genesis wouldn't hurt my feelings either.
Arkham  +   1972d ago
Well, it's confirmed (by someone from G4TV) not to be either KZ3 or StarHawk (BOO!) or MS3. (via neogaf)

I think that leaves Syphon Filter. (I think Infamous 2's too soon, but it'd be great!)
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jack_burt0n  +   1972d ago
gonna be great for bend properly get them in the spotlight as top tier developers.
Cajun Chicken  +   1972d ago
An hour! An Hour to go!
JRisburning  +   1972d ago
I can't wait...
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