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Mr_Bun  +   2167d ago
Website says 21:00 (9pm) but which time zone? I'm guessing CET judging by the site, which puts the announcement in another 4.5 hours or so

Edit: Chris
Don't quote me on that...I'm just using relationship to the website location...It's the only guess I have
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Chris399  +   2167d ago
Probably not Canada.
I'll find out with my morning cup of tea tomorrow :) Seriously, this gen has been all about the hype; I think I'm immune to it at this point.

Edit: 4.5 hours! Nice find!
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lars2thev  +   2167d ago
It's the time of The Netherlands +1 GMT.
RedDragan  +   2167d ago
So 20:00 GMT then. Cool.

Who has the link by the way to the announcement?
sikbeta  +   2167d ago
·Twisted Metal PS3
·Syphon Filter PS3
·The Getaway PS3

Gaming FTW!!!
na2ru1  +   2167d ago
Wouldn't Syphon Filter
be a game for GDC?
FreeMonk  +   2167d ago
Killzone 3, Twisted Metal 3 etc.....GIVE ME PARAPPA THE RAPPER 3!!!
ThanatosDMC  +   2167d ago
I'm hoping for Starhawk 256 with mech suits, lots of armored vehicles, capital ships, frigates, fighters, bombers, etc or something completely different but completely incredible.
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fedex682  +   2167d ago
Sequel to a big PS2 title?
The PS2 is completing 10 years today and a new sequel is being announced for the PS3 today. Coincidence?
TheHater  +   2167d ago
that asking for too much
Mr_Bun  +   2167d ago
You can't blame PS3 owners, we've come to expect high standards with our exclusives
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Sev  +   2167d ago
@ fedex...

I was thinking the same thing. I'm guessing it's a flagship PS2 title, perfect time to announce it.
sikbeta  +   2167d ago
@ThanatosDMC & TheHater

256 is asking too much, but 128Players + Great Graphics = Epic

Gaming FTW!!!
TheHater  +   2167d ago
yeah, we PS3 owners are spoiler with quantity and quality :)
Can't wait to get home and play my Heavy Rain DLC and then hop back on WKC
jack_burt0n  +   2167d ago

yeah its been ten years, I want this in realtime!
starvinbull  +   2167d ago
Holland = KZ3, no?
Ryuha1234h  +   2167d ago
I'm confuse here. Is this same anouncement from GTTV or another anouncement.
Darkstorn  +   2167d ago
Guerilla Games is based in the Netherlands... Could this mean Killzone 3?
gaffyh  +   2167d ago
Is this the same GTTV reveal or different one? Any Dutch speakers here?
mabreu  +   2167d ago
I hope it's not something small like a PSN game.
Maybe its a FPS title like Killzone 3 or Resistance 3 because they can compete with the release of Halo:Reach.

I'm hoping for Twisted Metal. C'mon David Jaffe!!
vhero  +   2167d ago
Its weird sony doing this its usually MS doing this.. Oh and its timesplitters 4 exclusive :). You read it here first!!!
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Blaster_Master  +   2167d ago
New game announced for the ps3? OMG Im excited.
shadow2797  +   2167d ago
Am I the only one who sees the irony in writing 20:00 "PM"?

At least it's not in the title anymore.
Babylonian  +   2167d ago
Hey guys, I'm from Holland
The site is reporting from a Twitter account of Dave Epke where he is saying: "Around 21:00 (Dutch time, GMT+1) a new PS3 game will be announced, no right guesses so far"

So that means that what we have been speculating the last days is not what is going to be announced.

Funny thing is I know Dave Epke, he used to be one of my mentors during my internship at SCE Benelux. Very nice and funny guy.
Syronicus  +   2167d ago
Maybe a new Gex title?
Hey, Enter the Gecko was hilarious.
Noctis Aftermath  +   2167d ago

The Legend of Dragoon 2


Hot Shots Golf.
solar  +   2167d ago
arakouftaian  +   2167d ago
IrintFIring Sony or someone said that we will have
News for Killzon3 sometime this week?
I mean this is it, if is not KZ3 it will be
a new IP from GG, but I hope is KZ3
Double07  +   2167d ago
Its not Killzone 3, Motorstorm 3 or Starhawk apparently

Second post on the page, then Geoff says further down that its not MS3 or Starhawk =/

Quotes: "Guys, I know you love to whip yourselves into a frenzy but no, we are not showing you a Killzone 3 trailer tonight on GTTV. The trailer we're showing is definitely a big frontline title for PS3 though. I believe some info will be online in advance of the trailer."

And "Not Starhawk or MS3! Tune in and see."

Im thinking Syphon Filter for sure now.
archemides518  +   2167d ago
it's something stupid :(

obviously infamous 2
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we won  +   2167d ago
Announce a new game on the day the FF13 embargo ends? Hmmm.
Marceles  +   2167d ago
It's SOCOM :(((((
iamtehpwn  +   2167d ago
It's Socom 4
Look it up.
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deafwing  +   2166d ago
While i'm sure the war junkies are thrilled ... I'm getting a little tired of war games... ah well .. looking forward to it and hopefully they'll do something better yada yada yada ... *yawn*
anti-gamer  +   2167d ago
it well be ...
KILLZONE 3 or new ip.
lars2thev   2167d ago | Spam
anti-gamer  +   2167d ago
sequel ?
I did know it well be a sequel, So i well go to KillZone 3.
drummerx2709  +   2167d ago
I think it'll be a sequel to a popular PS2 game seeing as how PS2 is 10 years old today.

Perhaps a new Jak and Daxter?
PS3Freak  +   2167d ago
Damn, i never even thought about Jak & Daxter, i hope it is.
anti-gamer  +   2167d ago
I forgot abut Jak & Daxter, jak4 using uncharted engin it well be g8.
TooTall19  +   2167d ago
This news has been known for days
It's being announced on GTTV.
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nikoado  +   2167d ago
What time is the show on? (GMT)

I now see it's 20:00 GMT
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sedx  +   2167d ago
warhawk 2
getaway 3
infamous 2
samich2007  +   2167d ago
@Mr Bun
Thats the dutch time, and its +1 so in general (english time) it's 20pm ;)
Mr_Bun  +   2167d ago
I thought it was a typo....good to know

Guess that puts it around 3:00pm my time (EST)...right?
JamMyth  +   2167d ago
Mr Bun...if it's 20:00 GMT, then it's 15:00 EST (EST is GMT -5)

And shadow2797@1.22
"Am I the only one who sees the irony in writing 20:00 "PM"?"
I'd say it's not Irony, but a little redundant (yes, I'm a grammar snob) :-)

*EDIT*, sorry, 15:00 = 3:00 PM
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PS3Freak  +   2167d ago
What? an hour and 15 minutes? it's 1:45 here. SWEEET.
wotta  +   2167d ago
If you look at his twitter account he is at JFK. This story is not accurate.
japwow  +   2167d ago
it seems he isn't actually at JFK airport, but he just referred to this news.
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2167d ago
He's not at JFK, he is just tweeting a news story about a kid directing pilots at JFK last month.

Better be no kids this Saturday when I'm leaving JFK...
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plb  +   2167d ago
Better be good Sony! And while your being so generous how about a release date for The Last Guardian and some Agent screenies or video or something about that game!
ScarT  +   2167d ago
Killzone 3. No doubt!
Antan  +   2167d ago
I`ve heard its actually going to be friday?
SUPREME RULER  +   2167d ago
twisted metal back 2/ xbox 360 fanboys side thought
what i think on the matter of 360 fanboys
tell you i have been gaming for 25 years, let me say this, i seen almost every gaming war debate there ever was. i am glad to say this, this gaming gen have more haters then any other gen i ever seen. Ya, xbox fanboys are the worst i ever seen. not only that most of you are stupid beyond belief. i seen so many articles on here, and comments that show how MS brain wash yah into becoming a "cheerleader puppet" and whatever papa ms say you all agree. god forbid if even try to argue facts and logic with a xbox360 fanboy. it's like talking to a breakwall. or an artistic child( sorry it's true) i read the comments on n4g, and i say to myself man there's alot of brain damage people on this site.

no i am not a fanboy of the ps3, more like a fanboy of great games. no matter what console it's on. later and out from a gaming vet.
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2167d ago
Udidntlistenpunk  +   2167d ago


Personally, Im a little disappointed but damn the first pictures look great. Killzone 2 quality graphics.
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GR8 1  +   2167d ago
It's the same GTTV announcement, because it's at 8pm for UK which is same time as GTTV for UK.
Lucreto  +   2167d ago
The game is going to be announced at 8pm tonight but GTTV won't be on until tomorrow at around 7.30 am.
SuperbVillain  +   2167d ago
cant muthaf*ckin wait!
rawd  +   2167d ago
SCE Benelux acquired Guerrilla Games? So is it KZ3
jack_burt0n  +   2167d ago
yeah i thought that to, but a year is to soon for the reveal imo 2 is still selling.
joydestroy  +   2167d ago
wut? GG is part of SCEE
rawd  +   2167d ago
I just googled SCE Benelux and its all articles about how they acquired GG
joydestroy  +   2167d ago
uhm, which is part of Europe...and the acquisition i'm seeing happened back in '05.

regardless, it's not KZ3. it's most likely Starhawk.

@rawd no worries :)
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rawd  +   2167d ago
ok you are right, I'm wrong
Gigalol  +   2167d ago
Great. Another superior multiplatform title on xbox 360.
RedDragan  +   2167d ago
As you are clinically diagnosed as brain dead, your opinion does not count.
PopEmUp  +   2167d ago
this dude should be locked up in a mental hospital, where he won't able to infect anyone with his mental illness
nogolis  +   2167d ago
We thought it was MS3 here at the tilt, but since have been shown new footage of Starhawk and we are about 80% positive it's Starhawk now. The MS3 trailer will be shown off at GDC next week. It looks amazing, by the way.

As for Starhawk, what we've seen, Starwars has little on it. It looks intense and epic.
Pennywise  +   2167d ago
How's the graphics compared to Warhawk?
joydestroy  +   2167d ago
i'd be on board for this!
nogolis  +   2167d ago
It looks better than Warhawk. Things are more streamline now. The characters are more scaled. Much thinner and lankier. The textures have improved a great deal. A tad under Uncharted 2's maybe... Somewhere in between.

The trailer we've seen has a central planet where a battle is taking place, a black ship with red boosters lifts off and jumps into space, one movement and animation, and engauges in a dogfight with a massive fleet of other ships. Way more than 32, believe me. More like 100, but don't quote me on the exaxt number.

One ship lands on the deck of a larger battleship thing and a guy jumps out. He has a laser rifle. He shoots out a node on the side of the ship. Ship starts rocking. At this time a massive amount of other ships storm the larger battle ship and start hitting it in sweeps. Guy jumps off the ship's landing and rocket boost away as the ship explodes.

Trailer ends.

It looks intense. Massive battles here. Massive.
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Pennywise  +   2167d ago
Benefit of the doubt is being extended here. I am excited for Warhawks sequel... just hope they really aren't naming it Starhawk.

I hope its at least 128 players. MAG has me spoiled.
joydestroy  +   2167d ago
can you like...capture this vid footage or something? lol i just wanna see it now! :)
jack_burt0n  +   2167d ago

So its engine rendered? wow what about the ms3 trailer is that using the game engine?
spunnups  +   2167d ago
Sounds like Warhawk has been using MAGs tech. ROD!!
DaTruth  +   2167d ago
Sounds a lot like Battlefront with more people. I liked Battlefront, but never had online with the PS2. Was the first game I played online on my PS3. Hence the name Jedipimmmp which I didn't think I would get stuck with forever!

Edit:I would have settled for Warhawk with destruction! Imagine by the time the match ends, the entire place is destroyed and the bunkers can only be destroyed by the bunker buster remote missiles, but they can be shot down. No more hiding from the tank in a house; BOOM!!! The walls come down!
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Pennywise  +   2166d ago
SOCOM4. Not even close.
WildArmed  +   2166d ago
So much for Starhawk and MS3 >.>
nogolis  +   2166d ago
Please remember i never said it'd be either of the two. And, to be 100% honest, I didn't even know Socam 4 was in the works. It hit all of us out of left field too. We aren't shown everything... We don't know everything. We know what we get in our e-mails and through phone conversations and such. We attend these events and talk to people and try to keep in touch with them in order to keep a steady flow of info flowing but in no way do we know everything that goes down.

I told you what the Starhawk trailer consisted of "generally" and I told you in great detail what the MS3 trailer will be like. Remember those and then get back to me. You will see both very, very soon. Probably within the next week and a half. GDC is around the corner.

Trust me.
TOO PAWNED  +   2167d ago

this is prob about gttv game
DirtyLary  +   2167d ago

"Do it , do it now!!!!" in my best Arnold voice.
oldskoolgamer  +   2167d ago
"Get to the choppa" lol couldn't resist
BTW I would love a new soviet strike in HD even if its just psn but I'm probably the only one :(
artgamer  +   2167d ago
If its from the Netherlands then its Killzone 3 no doubt.
DirtyLary  +   2167d ago
damn crushed my S4 hopes. Oh well too soon. MAG hype is still going.
Denethor_II  +   2167d ago
PS3 is where its at doooooggggg
Lirky  +   2167d ago
I have a feeling itll be twisted metal ps3 because of how jaffe mentioned how microsofts scrap metal game copied off twisted metal. And how ppl had ideas of that he was making a twisted metal game.
jjesso1993  +   2167d ago
really love it if getaway 3 been back in development for 6 months or somthing and they realase loads hd videos and its coming out in septemver that make be so bloody happy. but as artgamer said its most likey killzone 3.
Convas  +   2167d ago
Wow, now the odds of Sly 4 are twice as good!
Seriously people, if you can't tell by now, I lived on the Sly Cooper games on my Playstation 2.

I WANT SLY COOPER 4! Make it Happen Sony!
Dipso  +   2167d ago
You really think after all the hardship that Sucker Punch went through to step away from cartoon style titles that they are just going to launch straight back into Sly? They will build upon the current momentum that they have achieved with inFamous, inFamous 2 is next.
MajesticBeast  +   2167d ago
I think its to soon to announce killzone 3. I hope for starhawk or heavenly sword then syphon filter at gdc.
Al Bundy  +   2167d ago
Can't wait to find out what this game is. Please be Twisted Metal.
Akagi  +   2167d ago
Whatever it'll be, it will no doubt be awesome.

xg-ei8ht  +   2167d ago
The game is STARHAWK.

Enjoy using killzone2 engine 3.0

64players 720p, 3d,lcd,itv,mpv,mtv,abc,efg.sil lyme. 123.

Obviously i'm just rambling

But i do think it's starhawk.
ForzaGT  +   2167d ago
PS3 FTW !!!!!!
Please bring back getaway, loved it the PS2. and obiviously KZ3
Lucreto  +   2167d ago
There are two options I think they are going to do.

1. The game will be announced at 8pm and a trailer on GTTV.

2. It is two different games being announced.
InFaMoUsCaNnOn  +   2167d ago
bujasem_89  +   2167d ago
i think thats a big possibility, i mean either that or heavenly sword 2 that would be total kick ass
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2167d ago
Ninja Theory is working on a new game called Enslaved. Sounds like it will have that Heavenly Sword vibe.. Can't wait

So I don't think we will see a sequel to HS anytime soon.
anti-gamer  +   2167d ago
@ crap
sony can find anther developers to make HS2, because sony own the HS project.
Legionaire2005  +   2167d ago
Twisted Metal, syphon filter , medievil, Fear Effect 3, or Socom 4
Any I want a sequel soon for those games.

Updated: Parasite Eve!!!! too please
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