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UP  +   2102d ago
You are given a bronze trophy for a 1000 hit combo in GOW III but a gold trophy for a 666 hit combo in Dante's Inferno.

And covering 500 buckets of blood on kratos. How much is 500 buckets of blood?

Edit: the 666 combo was for Dante's Inferno, sorry
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mynameisblair  +   2102d ago
500 buckets of blood
About 1000 half full buckets of blood ;)
Fishy Fingers  +   2102d ago
They list no gold trophy for a 666-hit combo. Unless I'm missing something or its one of the secret ones?

Oh and in case anyone is wondering, there could be what you'd consider minor spoilers (enemy names) in there.
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redsquad  +   2102d ago
666 hits exactly? Now that's going to be tricky, but as there's no way on this earth I'll be getting Platium for GOW 3 anyway, I'm not sure I'll try!
mynameisblair  +   2102d ago
666 combo
Guys, the 666 combo one is in Dante's Inferno.
Nitrowolf2  +   2102d ago
-the 666 one is from dante isn't it? Well i'm guessing since its bronze it could most likely be achieved like the other combo trophies in 1 and 2 by just simply spawning the lightning attack

Dam There a difficulty trophie this time, The challenge is already hard enough in the other 2 games, this is just gonna be a pain to plat in, Titan mode scares me a bit if they decided to give it a trophy in this one
Young Capwn  +   2102d ago
OHHH this is going to be funnnn
Fishy Fingers  +   2102d ago
That makes more sense, I looked at the list over and over, thought I was going mad :)

Cheers for clearing that up.
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PshycoNinja  +   2102d ago
"Are You Horny to Win?" is probebly the funniest trophy name I have ever seen or heard of.
Commander TK  +   2102d ago
Hopefuly, it's no
Wipeout HD/Killzone 2/Sigma 2 etc.
Danteh  +   2102d ago
f!ck yea
a trophy for titan mode... not many ppl are going to plat this game, lol ;)
jessupj  +   2101d ago
Agreed dante!
Gold Trophy - Unhuman: Beat Titan Mode!

Thank you Santa Monica for not f*cking this trophy list up like you did with the collection. I'm going to have a blast get this trophy. Now it's going to actually mean something well people see my platinum for this game :)
Opiumunkey  +   2101d ago
Lol the funniest trophy is in dirt 2 its called

2 cups 1 girl

Win two cups with the same female teammate :-)
callahan09  +   2100d ago
How do you get a 1000 hit combo in a god of war game? Jeez! The best I think I had was about 600 in God of War 2.

The 666 combo in Dante's Inferno was either ridiculously easy or ridiculously hard, depending on if you went the cheap way or the legit way. If you just tried to get it at any point in the game by true combat prowess, you'd probably never get it. But if you beat the game once then go back to the Malebolge 1 challenge and put it on Inferno difficulty, you can just spam Sins of the Father for 2 minutes while you have infinite magic and rack up an 800 hit combo or higher with no difficulty at all.
happy_gilmore  +   2102d ago
1000-hit combo
should be easy

it's probably just all about powering-up the right spell and using it on a specific part of the game. in gow2 you can get 500+ combo by spamming cronos rage against skeleton dudes in the corridor with the moving spikes.
Fishy Fingers  +   2102d ago
You can hit around 300 in the demo, during the tight corridor section. 1000 shouldnt be to hard if there's enough enemies around.

I've never played a GOW before, I didnt realise it even had spells and stuff. Sweet.
Nitrowolf2  +   2102d ago
Dam this is one gamke (out of the 3) that i am probaly not gonna plat in (just because Titan mode scares me a bit and challenge, hope fully we can use alternative costumes in titan mode)
ITs almost here, If the wait doesn't kill me certaininly the challenges wil.
"In the end, there will be chaos"
Young Capwn  +   2102d ago
I miss read "No Guts, No Glory" and thought it said "Gut 3 Centaur Genitals" hahaha
Sev  +   2102d ago
Great job TSA!
Aclay  +   2102d ago
I think I have to mentally prepare myself to go through God of War 3 on Titan Mode to get that Trophy... God of War 2 on Titan Mode sucked around 34 hours of gameplay from me until I finally beat it and took me several hours less in the first God of War.

I've beaten the Challenge of the Gods in previous God of War games, so that doesn't worry me in GOW3....I just hope there's an option to SAVE your progress after completing a challenge like in GOW2, because in GOW1 you couldn't.

Unless I get really lucky, the 666 hit combo is the only trophy I think I might not ever get... hopefully I'll be able to do it.
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UP  +   2102d ago
that was for dante's inferno and is gold. the one for GOW 3 is for 1000 hit combo and is bronze.
Convas  +   2102d ago
I speak from experience when I say ...
... only a real man can get through Titan Mode on God of War II much less God of War III. I wish all of my trophy hunting brethren good luck, God knows how we completionists will do just about anything to complete all the requirements for full 1K or Platinum.
Dellis  +   2102d ago
thanks xbox 360 for this stuff, why PS3 fanboys all of a sudden

forgot where this whole stuff begin?
UP  +   2102d ago
actually achievements were used in games before 360 such as ratchet and clank skill points.
cranium  +   2102d ago
And guess what platform R&C was in? That's right.
Nitrowolf2  +   2102d ago
he11 it existed before PS1, some NES game had unlockable, trophy/achievments are pretty much evolved version of them just built into the console
boodybandit  +   2102d ago
I feel like I lost IQ points having read this
"thanks xbox 360 for this stuff, why PS3 fanboys all of a sudden

forgot where this whole stuff begin?"

Are you drunk, high, just ignorant or a combination of the three?

You can't seriously believe MS single handedly created an awards system for gaming. I am as big a "gaming" (<-- not fanboy) fan of the XBox 360 as the next gamer but I'm not foolish enough to believe MS is innovative. To be honest I can't think of anything they have done since they have entered the gaming industry that I haven't seen or experienced different variations of before.
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scott182  +   2102d ago
Man, I love GOW so much, it is my favorite series of games. Too bad sony doesn't apeal to americans as much, there is no doubt in my mind this would be the best selling game of all time. GOW 3 !!!!! My girlfriend will hate me when this comes out, I feel bad.
scott182  +   2102d ago
Dude God of War is so pimp, I had no idea it was so cool until I played GOW 2. Fan for life.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   2102d ago
Lets do this.
kanetheking  +   2102d ago
just did
god of war 1 on collection for some reason i felt sad at the end cos it was over and i had so much fun. that spike tower thing was gay but i got a gold trophy yay.can't wait to do 2 den 3.
Cheeseknight28  +   2102d ago
I'm betting that the 1,000 hit combo will be a LOT easier than it sounds. God of War Collection's 500 hit combo was cake with Cronos's lightning orbs.
LoganX  +   2102d ago
'beat Titan Mode&quot;
Well I guess no Platinum for me :(
sashimi  +   2102d ago
Titan Mode will be interesting...just like the last stage in GoW1'challenge of the gods...... /cry
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Bumpmapping  +   2102d ago
Nice another platinum to add to my list :)
clarkdef  +   2102d ago
I have beaten GoW1 and 2 on there very hard modes without doing upgrades "NUR run" I hope they really make this one a challenge, even harder than GoW2. Because that is where the replay value is. Also it would be nice to see a online scoreboard.
Ultraplayerxd  +   2101d ago
That platinum shall be mine!
NeoBiggs  +   2101d ago
FF13 may take a back seat
I had planned on investing much time in FF13 with the hopes to Plat. that game as well but since this game comes out 7 days after it, I think FF may be put on the back burner if opened at all until this game is Plat'd
delicia  +   2101d ago
I found GOW I and II not that hard, even on God and Titan, even the challenges, so I wanna see what will GOW3 be like. Nice trophy list too.

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