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iiprotocolii  +   2051d ago
I was in love with the first one. I'm dying to seriously get into this game; once I get the chance, it's definitely a game I'm going to purchase. Good review; back to the world of Rapture. [insert scary 1940's music here]
El_Colombiano  +   2051d ago
Heavy Rain spolier down there guys!
Chadness  +   2051d ago
If I could get past the FPS aspect, I might enjoy these titles. I did like the atmosphere of the first one, but that was about it, to be honest. Just not my type of game.
Ninferno  +   2051d ago
bioshock 2 is great, and DLC is coming soon!
IG_DARKSA1NT  +   2051d ago
Love this game!
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kvg88  +   2051d ago
Seriously, I did not think BS2 could top the first one
but to me, it does on so many levels - gameplay, story telling (let's just say there is one sequence that is nothing short of brilliant) and emotional connection to the character(s). The multiplayer is pretty good as well - looking forward to DLC.
FIZZYVIMTO  +   2051d ago
Brilliant game and i realy can't wait for the DLC still only level 11 online. gotta keep capturing that sister :)
taz8080  +   2051d ago
Multi and LDC is like icing on the cake. The first one could have benefitted form those as well.
Hitman0769  +   2051d ago
Was on the fence about this one, can't wait to read the review from a serious gamer!
Hitman0769  +   2051d ago
Nice, looks much better then part 1. Still on the fence about this, will have to read this review carefully a few times.
AzarVC  +   2051d ago
After Bioshock 1, I need to play this game.
Tomarcus  +   2051d ago
I need to play Bioshock 1. The first attempt at that made me not to keen on Bioshock. The review makes me want to give this series a second shot.

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