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Umbrella Corp  +   2193d ago
The original Bioshock was a masterpiece it would have been tough to beat it.
tehk1w1  +   2193d ago
Playing Bioshock 2 and IMO it's just like Bioshock.

Just...yeah. I don't know. Missing something that made the first so awesome in 2007.

Reviews put it of diminishing returns. Just not as good the second time around.
teenieboober  +   2193d ago
Oops. NVM. Working again.
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lolcatz  +   2193d ago
Surprisingly well written and competent review. People who've been giving this game perfect scores sound like they've been bought off.
teenieboober  +   2193d ago
Short on cash. Need to save up so I can pick it up this weekend.
GamersRUs  +   2193d ago
I'm enjoying it so far. It's not bad.

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